2021 marks the advent of the third decade of the new millennium. In this millennium, one has witnessed a rapid surge in the innovation and expansion of electronics. Dell is one of the chief contributors in the laptop market to deliver supersonic computing gadgets. A few times back, it came up with Dell Precision 7550. Every new laptop that arrives comes with an upgradation that can hit the user’s minds and influence them to purchase the same. So, is the case with Dell Precision 7550. According to Dell, the new laptop – Dell Precision 7550 empowers the users to create and develop AI-based applications. Apart from this, the baggage of Dell Precision 7550 carries many more features and tenets to thrive with better consumer penetration. To let the users know more about this new laptop and not fall into any rummage, this article will ensure that it provides micro-detailing of the laptop.

Operating System

Dell Precision 7550 supports Windows 10 Pro as an operating system platform. It does not provide dual OS support due to the compatibility issue.  However, the platform support will ensure a smooth, hassle-free, and versatile experience.

Laptop’s Persona

The new laptop from Dell has a 3.08 kg weight with a powerful 38.1 cm (15-inches) mobile workstation. It has a heroic VESA screen display that has an InfinityEdge border. Hence, this delivers minimized bezels and quality color marking facility by identifying and segregating more than billions of colors due to the PremierColor technology. Dell provides a larger touchpad with its Precision 7550. Therefore, it makes sure that the user gets more freedom to hover upon the system’s screen. Apart from this, there is a travel distance of 1.65 mm within the keyboards, thus, ensuring fewer typing errors. But, this also increases the keyboard area in the laptop and creates a bit of bulkiness.


The Dell Precision 7550 laptop embeds a 10th-generation Intel Core or Xeon vPro processor. Both of these processors carry in-built security features, along with Intel architecture stability. They also support 3D CAD and scientific simulator applications for graphics. Hence, the laptop lets the user use VR and AI applications with ease due to its integration with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics with 16GB of RAM. Such an amount of RAM expands and accelerates the workflows and reduces the response time due to the optional ECC memory available in the laptop.

What’s so AI in it?

In Dell’s language, the new laptop carries a bunch of the finest AI capabilities. This AI platform integrates with the laptop to ensure the user gets a smarter, more customized, or personalized, and productive experience. Following are the AI-enriched features in the new Dell Precision 7550:

  1. ExpressCharge: The adoption of AI in the laptop optimizes battery performance. The AI technology reads and assesses the charging and power consumption patterns. Dell Precision 7550 has the AI-based ExpressCharge Boost feature. This feature helps the laptop to gain up to 35% charge within 20 minutes. This power booster facility lets the laptop also get charged up to 80% in an hour.
  2. ExpressResponse: The ExpressResponse system in the Dell Precision 7550 launches the applications in a bit faster way, precisely for the most used-apps. ExpressResponse reads the number of background processes running at a time and identifies which are in more frequent usage. Dell has been able to accomplish this due to the Intel Adaptix Technology. This technique helps to adjust performance levels when the users demand it the most. Hence, it also ensures battery-power consumption and optimization.
  3. ExpressSign-in: This feature can work as a game-changer to enhance the system’s security and not let external physical intrusion in the systems. The facility helps to get into the work mode faster than ever. Dell has an integrated workstation proximity sensor with Intel Context Sensing Technology. Hence, it can detect the presence of the user instantaneously.


  1. SD Card Reader
  2. Cable Lock
  3. Mini DP 1.4
  4. RJ-45
  5. HDMI 2.0
  6. Smart Card Reader
  7. Universal Audio Jack
  8. Two USB 3.2 Gen 1 with Powershare
  9. Power
  10. Two USB 3.2 Gen 2 Thunderbolt 3.0 Type C


Dell Precision 7550 can create a significant impact in modern times. The amount of AIness that it adds to the laptop is commendable and incredible. This AI capability in the Dell Precision 7550 ensures high performance and functionality. The new laptop is available at Amazon and starts at a price of $ 1799.

Source :- https://directorycrew.com/blog/dell-precision-7550-review-a-z-of-the-new-dell-laptop/