Aluminium sheet brush finish 1060 3003 is a sort of material that has lovely appearance and is often used in decoration and production. By sprucing the ordinary easy aluminum plate, the floor of the aluminum plate has excellent silk marks, and the floor emits the luster of the hair to make it look beautiful. The impact of the wire drawing can also make the aluminum plate have better erosion resistance.
The aluminum alloy of brushed aluminium sheet are 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100-h14/24, 3003, 5052-h32, 6061, 6063 and 7075, the thickness of brushed aluminum sheet is zero.3-4.Zero mm. The oxide movie fashioned on the floor of the brushed aluminium sheet now not best protects the brushed aluminum plate from erosion and put on, but additionally protects the safety of the product, as it has the metal hardness of the aluminum alloy, isn't without difficulty deformed, and has the ornamental characteristic. Furthermore, the product product of brushed aluminum sheet is lighter than different metals.
Because the floor of the comb end aluminium sheet is handled by means of unique processing technology, the bottom fabric aluminum sheet also has a completely excessive melting point. Consequently, inside the utility process of brushed aluminum sheet, even inside the case of fireplace supply, there can be no burning or combustion, or maybe can play a excellent reduce off fire source effect, so the utility of brushed aluminium sheet cloth also has an excellent assure in phrases of safety.