Almost every business, where a vast number of physical products are traded or moved daily, makes usage of barcode printers & scanners. They allow these items to be tracked accurately & help maintain the necessary stocks easily. For most businesses such as retail, restaurant, etc., POS systems are used, and this equipment - thermal printers, barcode printers, cash drawers, scanners make life easier.


The barcodes are represented by several vertical bars, where their thickness, number, & space between them is what carries the coded information. This information is read by barcode scanners, also called readers, sent to another device, typically a computer, & then transformed into human-readable data with the help of a software program.


The bar code technology has seen a great many changes in the past few years, which, along with the different needs of the different industries, has led to the development of different scanner types. They are divided into handheld & fix-mounted, laser and CCD, linear and omnidirectional, and are capable of reading 1D (linear) or 2D (matrix) labels.


The most basic & general-purpose scanners are the ones that we typically see in the grocery stores. These are simple yet robust devices capable of accurately reading barcode labels and connecting via various interfaces to sophisticated POS systems. The scanners, which are used in the manufacturing plants or the large warehouses, come with different types of qualities & are typically more expensive. The barcode printers also come in many different models, but they are usually thermal printers, which unlike the most popular computer printers, do not use ink, but rather heat. They are divided into two categories: thermal transfer printers and direct thermal printers.


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