Our company stands out as a frontrunner in the industry, enjoying several advantages, such as continuous fault reporting around the clock. We extend our services throughout the week, offering the following features:

- Our skilled customer service team provides technical assistance via phone, dedicated to assisting customers throughout the day.
- We have professional specialists proficient in handling all Samsung faults, consistently updated with the latest maintenance techniques through ongoing training.
- Equipped with precision tools, we conduct thorough device inspections to detect faults accurately, ensuring replacement without compromising intact parts.
- We conduct workshops across Riyadh, aiming to offer Samsung screen maintenance services throughout the entire kingdom.
- We supply high-quality, genuine parts with a warranty of no less than five years.
- Our team repairs TV screens at home at the most affordable maintenance cost.
- We provide a long-term warranty after completing the repair service.
- With a fleet of equipped vehicles, we ensure a rapid response to all customer requests.
- Our expertise extends to repairing all types of Samsung devices, including refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, and other company-related devices.

The Importance of Samsung Screen Maintenance in Riyadh:

Our esteemed company provides Samsung screen repair and maintenance services in Riyadh, recognizing the critical role of this service in resolving issues such as:

- Faults resulting from delayed screen startup, often caused by a malfunction in the power board.
- Maintenance for screen sound issues, usually arising from speaker malfunctions.
- Screens failing to display images but emitting sound, typically due to LED malfunctions.
- Professional repair of device port issues by a Samsung screen maintenance company in Riyadh.
- Repair services for screen cracks leading to lines on the screen, potentially resulting in complete device replacement.
- Resolution of settings and software malfunctions through a factory settings reset.
- Provision of the latest genuine spare parts to protect the screen and extend its lifespan.
- Repair of circuitry issues in the screen resulting from backlight malfunctions.

For Samsung Screen Maintenance in Riyadh, contact us at 0546770571.

Common Samsung Screen Faults in Riyadh:

Our Samsung screen maintenance company in Riyadh صيانة شاشات سامسونج الرياض offers services for various faults resulting from misuse or the end of the screen's lifespan, including:

- Power failure, causing the screen to stop working permanently, often due to wire malfunctions.
- Screen malfunctions, varying by screen type, with causes such as buffer board differences in plasma screens or software glitches in smart screens.
- Damage to the bar or internal components, leading to the appearance of a red light.
- Screen working for a few seconds and then shutting off, typically due to backlight malfunctions.
- Permanent disappearance of the image or appearance of a dark image, resolved by our professional technicians.
- Abnormal color display on the screen, addressed after identifying the cause of the fault.
- Lines appearing on the screen, whether horizontal or vertical, resulting from panel damage.

What to Do When Discovering a Fault in Samsung Screens?

Our Samsung screen maintenance company in Riyadh provides top-notch spare parts, so don't hesitate to contact us for exceptional services.

In case of any screen-related issues, including failures, contact our Excellence Company at 0546770571 to request maintenance service.

Our company resolves all problems through the best maintenance engineers in Saudi Arabia, relying on the latest repair equipment.

Prices of Samsung Screen Maintenance in Riyadh:

Our Samsung maintenance company in Riyadh determines service prices after inspecting the device to identify the part needing replacement. Inspection is performed by the best technicians using the latest fault detection equipment.

You can inquire about service prices by contacting customer service to review the company's price list, covering spare parts and all services offered.

By contacting the company's numbers and requesting the service, the support team will provide an approximate price matching the fault type. However, the final price is determined after the specialist technician visits for Samsung screen maintenance in Riyadh.

Always remember, dear customer, that our prices are tailored to all segments of Saudi society. If you request device transportation service to the maintenance center, there are no fees, as this service is free. Additionally, the company provides various offers and discounts to ensure customers get the best service at the lowest price.