If you are a business professional or an entrepreneur, you already know the value of building workplace productivity. If you succeed in building workplace productivity, it will help you get more work done in less time, manage time more efficiently, simplify repetitive tasks, and do so much more. Building productivity is crucial, which is why we have compiled this list of great productivity apps that can help increase productivity in your business. So without wasting your time, let’s have a look at the applications.


Evernote is an excellent note-taking app that can help you remind a variety of scheduled tasks. It can remind you to call someone, be at a specific place at a specific time, as well as attend a meeting. The app allows you to create and save a variety of notes along with audio clips, videos, photographs, PDF files, and to-do-lists. You can even use this app to record voice reminders or business discussions. It works flawlessly, and you should try it.


DocuSign is a fantastic digital document signature app that can help you sign a variety of documents digitally. Sometimes we need to take signatures from our clients on various documents, and it can take a long time. Suppose we send some documents to a client, and he signs them and then scans them. After that, they send their scan copies via Gmail. It’s a very time-consuming process. Fortunately, we have some great digital document signature apps, and DocuSign is one of them. This app can simplify the signing process, you just need to upload a document and the app will let you sign it digitally. Once you sign the document, you can securely send its receipt to anyone you want.


Zoom is an outstanding platform to host virtual meetings. The app lets you conduct unlimited video meetings with more than 25 people at a time. The UI and controls of the app are straightforward. It is even capable of hosting several video callers back to back. It works fantastically and you should use this app in order to save your time, energy, money, and grow your business.


CamScanner is an excellent document scanner app that you can use to scan and save various business documents on your mobile device. You just need to open the in-app camera and click your documents’ pictures, now the app will turn them into digital copies. Additionally, the app features the OCR technology, which means you can even extract text from your clicked documents if you want. It also has a cropping tool that can help you remove unwanted stuff from an image. The app works fantastically and is available entirely for free to use.


BaseCamp is a pretty decent business productivity app that can help you share information, milestone dates, various files, and other details with your team members and vice versa. The app even includes a project workspace where you as well as your team members can conduct conversations very easily at any time. It’s undoubtedly a great tool to save time and increase business productivity, you should give it a try.


Hootsuite is a fantastic social media management app that can help you manage your business’s social media accounts. In order to run a business successfully, you need to publish or advertise your products on various social platforms, and it’s a challenging task to manage all the social accounts. Fortunately, we have Hootsuite; it can help you publish posts as well as read messages on a variety of social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. So you don’t have to open or check all the social media platforms separately anymore. You can do everything from the Hootsuite app.

That’s all for this article. We strongly recommend you to try a few of the above mentioned apps in order to increase your business productivity. Thank you!

Source :- https://a5setup.co.uk/increase-your-productivity-with-these-outstanding-mobile-apps/