Al-Tamyiz stands as the foremost air conditioning cleaning service provider in Riyadh, offering comprehensive solutions across various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a particular focus on Riyadh. Boasting a team of highly skilled technicians, the company ensures efficient cleaning services at competitive prices. For inquiries, the air conditioning cleaning company in Riyadh can be reached at 0546770571.

Discover Why Al-Tamyiz Excels as the Premier Air Conditioning Cleaning Company in Riyadh - 0546770571:
Al-Tamyiz distinguishes itself as a leader in air conditioning cleaning throughout Riyadh and the Kingdom, backed by numerous advantages, including:

1. Expert Workforce: The team of engineers overseeing air conditioning cleaning tasks possesses extensive experience in refrigeration and air conditioning.

2. Modern Tools: Utilizing advanced tools imported from foreign countries, Al-Tamyiz ensures the efficient and high-quality execution of its services.

3. Prompt Performance: Services are delivered promptly, combining speed with high-quality standards.

4. Exclusive and Competitive Prices: Al-Tamyiz sets itself apart by offering exclusive and competitive prices, along with continuous special offers and discounts for customers.

Contact Al-Tamyiz at 0546770571.

Explore Air Conditioning Cleaning Offers from Al-Tamyiz:
Al-Tamyiz consistently strives to provide cost-effective solutions for various air conditioning services عروض تنظيف مكيفات, offering prices starting from only 50 Saudi Riyals. The company stands out as the most affordable option in Riyadh, providing cleaning services for all types of air conditioners performed by expert technicians. Discounts may exceed 30% for the service.

Contact Al-Tamyiz at 0546770571.

Air Conditioning Cleaning in Riyadh for 50 Saudi Riyals:
Al-Tamyiz offers the most affordable air conditioning cleaning services in Riyadh, starting from 50 Saudi Riyals. This comprehensive service includes expert cleaning for all types of air conditioners, along with the replacement of faulty parts using genuine components.

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Types of Air Conditioners Managed by Al-Tamyiz:
Before conducting air conditioning cleaning services, Al-Tamyiz identifies and handles various types of air conditioners, including Split, Window, Desert, Central, and Split Unit Air Conditioners.

Price for Split Air Conditioner Cleaning:
For split air conditioners, Al-Tamyiz ensures meticulous cleaning by following a comprehensive process, including disconnection of electricity, thorough dust removal using electric vacuums, outdoor unit cleaning, Freon gas level check, and reassembly.

In conclusion, Al-Tamyiz stands out as the leading air conditioning cleaning company in Riyadh, relying on a distinguished workforce, modern tools, and various cleaning techniques, offering exclusive prices and making it the top choice for air conditioning cleaning services in Riyadh.