Ordinary browser and blockchain browser are both used to query information, the difference is that ordinary browser query is some popular science and information information; a blockchain browser can only query transaction information, it is a highly specialized query browser.

By inputting a wallet address or a transaction ID, you can query the detailed information of the transaction, and you can also search all the contents of a particular block by inputting the block height, block hash, and so on.

By entering the block heights we compared the differences between the five products

1. Support for coins: in terms of coins, Tokenview and Ancat support multi-currency information query, enter the block height can query the corresponding information; Bitcoin Browser only supports Bitcoin-related information query; Blockchain supports BTC / BCH / ETH the three major currencies; Firecoin supports BTC / BCH / ETH / ETC / LTC the five mainstream The most popular coins are BTC / BCH / ETH / ETC /LTC. So from the point of view of supported coins, Tokenview and Ancat are richer and more inclusive.

2. Real-time query: We enter the same block height at the same time to compare, Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Firecoin in their respective currencies supported by the query speed is relatively fast, and can be said to be close to real-time. But Tokenview's query speed is relatively slow. At the same time, Ancat does real-time block update information on the browser, so it is better in real-time.

3. Accuracy: Blockchain and token explorer cannot select the corresponding coins when entering the block height, so the accuracy of the search results is relatively low. Ancat and Firecoin will select the corresponding coin before searching, so the results are more accurate.

4. Home page information display: All browsers except Firecoin have an information display function. Bitcoin Browser mainly displays the recent transaction records and transaction volume within 24 hours; Tokenview displays market information, Dapps activity, and transaction information; Blockchain displays market information of the three currencies BTC / BCH / ETH; AnCat Browser displays block information according to coins (cell phone terminal also displays the latest block information in real-time)