Unfortunately, South Africa lost its status as an FMD-free industry in 2019. It was a major setback for the industry. The sales decreased considerably. It also affected the export market. It took some for the industry to get out of this crisis. Since then, the production of beef started declining for a few years. During this period, the cattle price in South Africa decreased considerably.   However, the industry has been reviving fast with improved production and export volume.

Ever-expanding processed meat market

The processed meat market is expanding at a fast pace nowadays. Various research studies reveal that the processed meat industry will reach up to $ 820 million in the next five years. The present market size is around $590 million. More and more people have started using packaged meat products these days. This aspect is what triggers the enormous growth of the processed meat market. If this trend continues, South Africa is most likely to become one of the largest beef producers in the African region and in the world.

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