Product packaging is a powerful lever in the purchasing decision: four out of five people have tried a new product simply because they liked the packaging, and one in two even decided to adopt the new product for their packaging. Custom Printed Soap Boxes.


Are you working on the packaging of a new product or rethinking an existing packaging? Test your ideas and assess consumer reactions to choose the best concept before investing in its production.


The packaging test allows you to present several packaging concepts to your target population and ask their opinion on each. Which do they find the most engaging? Which one makes them want to buy the product?


Let's find out together why the product packaging test is so important, how to conduct an effective test, and finally how to make the most of the feedback obtained.


Hence the importance of product packaging testing ...

Packaging sets your product apart from the competition and is your first chance to showcase its unique value to potential buyers, on the shelves or online. By testing different packaging concepts before choosing one, you can ask the opinions of these potential buyers to identify the packaging that will be the most effective.


The product packaging test allows you to approach the next step of the design process with 4 major advantages:


You have the data on your side. Difficult to dispute the figures! The test brings out the packaging that speaks most to your target population and thus allows you to convince your colleagues to side with your choice.


You have areas for improvement. The packaging that came first may not be perfect. Use constructive feedback from your target audience to make the chosen concept even better.


You know what different groups think about your packaging. Filter your answers to analyze the feelings of different groups (age, sex, region, etc.) on each proposed concept.


Gain agility and empower your team to make decisions faster. Send regular surveys to a sample of your target customers to get concrete feedback and react more quickly to changes in your market without having to involve third-party organizations.


Four key steps for an effective packaging test

As you will have understood, it is essential to test your packaging concepts before putting them on the market. Now find out how to create your test survey and get accurate and actionable results in 4 easy steps:


Select the concepts to test

You can try out any packaging concept, but it's best to choose concepts (or “stimuli”) that you think are “viable” based on the reactions of people to whom you've already presented your different options. To be reliable, your test must relate to concepts that are roughly at the same stage of development: between a finalized packaging and a concept still under study, no need for testing, the winner is no doubt. In order not to skew your results, be sure to also present your concepts in a standard format and a similar manner.


Simplify the testing process, both for you and your participants, by limiting the number of stimuli tested. The maximum number of stimuli will depend on the type of sounding you choose: monadic or sequential monadic.


In a monadic poll, participants are split into several groups and each receives a poll that asks them questions about a single stimulus. Once you have obtained enough comments on each stimulus, all you have to do is combine all the comments to choose the best packaging. Wholesale Soap Custom Boxes.