Microsoft Surface laptops have always been one of the most purchased laptops in the world. Surface laptops are the perfect contender for Apple MacBooks, considering the company uses top-notch quality hardware and software in them. Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is one of the newest arrivals from Microsoft. The company has focused more on the prize rather than hardware and performance in this one. While it’s a little weaker when it comes to performance and hardware than high-end surface laptops, it is perfect for those looking for affordable laptops with average features and performance.

Even though the device has weak specs, it has a perfect Surface laptop design, features, and other iconic Surface functions. Its design and style are on par with the Macbook Air laptops. The exterior of this laptop is exceptionally stylish, and it looks genuinely premium. With this laptop, you can get the vibe of top-notch quality MacBook Air laptops at a lower cost.

In this guide, we will explain everything about this laptop, from its design to performance, display to battery life, etc. If you are searching for Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, you have come to the right place to learn everything about it before buying.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go- An Overview

At a price tag of $549, it delivers exceptional design and display quality. Surface Laptop Go is neither a slouch when it comes to performance as it is powered by Intel i5 CPU and 8GB of Random Access Memory. Furthermore, it is equipped with extremely fast SSD storage, making it a perfect productivity beast.

In-Depth Review

Let’s learn more about this device in a detailed manner.

Exterior- Polished & Compelling

When it comes to appearance, Microsoft Surface Laptop GO is comparable to Apple MacBook and top-notch level Surface laptops. It has a strong metal and plastic casing, making it durable, survivable, and lightweight at the same time. This device comes in different colors, such as Platinum, Sandstone, Ice Blue, etc.

The sandstone variant looks far better when compared with others. It’s extremely appealing as it has a thin design. It can easily fit into any carrying bag.

The trackpad and keyboard of this device look amazing and very well designed. You will be able to notice every single detail the company has given to this laptop. You will feel proud while using it at Starbucks or your favorite coffee shop. It is an attention-grabbing device, and one might not be able to guess whether you are using a MacBook or Surface.


The trackpad of this laptop is extremely accessible as it is large enough to handle easily. It is far different from the average trackpads. The laptop is pretty user friendly and has a top-notch quality display, making your user experience even more fluent.

This laptop has a high-quality touch display for an immersive work experience.

The connectivity options are pretty inferior when compared with other laptops. For example, you have only one USB-C port, one USB-A port, and one 3.5 mm audio input jack. It also has a Surface Connect Port for charging, but it can also be utilized for pairing a Surface Dock.

As you can see, the connectivity options are almost insignificant in it, but at a price range of $549, it’s more than what you are paying. Yes, if you are buying it, you will have to sacrifice the connectivity options.


It has a 12.4-inch full touch screen, making your day to day work extremely easy with the touch screen option. The aspect ratio is 3:2, which is pretty good compared with other laptops as it provides a better experience. The maximum resolution is 1536×1024, providing a clear, sharp, and impressive image quality.

Built-In Speakers

This is what we liked the most about this laptop as its speakers are really impressive. The loudness and clarity of the sound are just mind-blowing. You won’t feel a need to connect an external speaker to this laptop as the inbuilt speakers are sufficient. Even the bass is there, considering the laptop has pretty tiny speakers.


The camera is pretty disappointing in this laptop as it uses a poor-quality camera found on those typical other brand laptops. The maximum resolution of this camera is 720p. You will notice a low-quality video during a video call using this camera even with good light and background. If you wish to access video calling on this laptop, you will have to opt for an external webcam, a headache.


The device comes with 128 GB of SSD, and some variants are also available in 256 GB, which should be sufficient for day to day work. However, this storage will not be enough for video game and entertainment purposes since video games and movies will effortlessly eat up this space. It has an Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM. Therefore, you should be able to run most types of productivity and creative softwares.

Final Words

It is perfect for those who care about style, appearance, and price, but they will have to manage low specifications and connectivity options. We hope you have found this guide informative and helpful.

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