Speaking of mobile scaffolding, most of us are not unfamiliar! Because we can see scaffolding everywhere on construction sites, we all know that mobile scaffolding plays an auxiliary role in the construction of high-rise buildings. As a standing platform, the exterior wall painting is an indispensable auxiliary tool on the construction site. However, the construction party found that the price of scaffolding on the market was uneven, so that they did not know how to choose during the purchase process. So what are the factors related to the price of mobile scaffolding?   Mobile scaffolding in different regions will have different prices, such as: material, quantity, quality, etc. Among so many factors, quality is the most important. Mobile scaffolding is a temporary facility, but in the foundation, main body, decoration and equipment installation The support and operation are inseparable, so that the design and layout of the support are reasonable, which not only directly affects the overall construction of the construction and installation project, but also directly affects the life safety of the operator. The product is safe and reliable. Independent wedge penetration latch mechanism. Interlocking and gravity, even if the pins are not finalized, the railway plug-in may not appear. The plug-in has a self-locking function, which can be locked by the pin or pulled out to delete, adding the contact surface of the fastener and the pillar, thereby improving the bending strength of the main steel pipe, and ensuring that this combination does not cause the pillar to be skewed.   Technical points for safe removal of mobile scaffolding   After the construction of the project is completed, the scaffolding can be dismantled only after inspection and verification by the person in charge of the unit project that it is no longer needed. Dismantling scaffolding should make a plan, and only after the approval of the person in charge of the project can proceed. Dismantling the scaffold should meet the following requirements:   1. Be sure to follow the order of up and down, outside and inside, frame material first, frame material, auxiliary parts first, structural parts first, and structural parts first, then wall parts. The well is then hung down (or concentrated on the adjacent undismantled shelf, tied and hung down).   2. When disassembling the scaffolding boards, rods, door frames and other long, heavy, and two-end connected parts, two or more people must be used in groups. It is forbidden to carry out disassembly operations by one person to prevent accidents caused by unstable and unbalanced holding rods. When removing the horizontal rods, loosen the connection and remove the horizontal support. When removing the upright, after the upper end is stabilized, loosen the lower end joint to remove it.   3. When multiple people or multiple groups conduct disassembly operations, they should strengthen command, and interrogate and coordinate the operation steps. It is strictly forbidden to conduct arbitrary disassembly without following the procedures.   4. When it is difficult to remove the upper or one side of the attached wall tie and make the shelf unstable, temporary bracing measures should be added to prevent the shaking of the shelf from affecting the work safety.   5. Reliable safety enclosures should be provided for the disassembly site, and special personnel should be set up for supervision. It is strictly forbidden for non-operating personnel to enter the disassembly operation area.   6. It is strictly forbidden to throw the removed pole parts and materials to the ground. The erection materials that have been hoisted to the ground should be transported out of the demolition area at any time to keep the site civilized. https://www.tytgg.com/