Gas prices never stay the same, and it’s a difficult task to find the cheapest gas stations near you. However, plenty of cheap gas finder apps are available on the Google Play Store to help you find the cheapest gas stations near you. Let’s have a look at the top 5 cheap gas finder apps on Android.


Drivvo is a pretty decent driving app with a straightforward and neat user interface. The app keeps track of various things, including gas mileage, money spent on gas, overall mileage, and many more. It even lets you find the cheapest gas stations in your locality, and you can also log your fuel data to see how much gas mileage your car gets. The app is available for free with some limitations. However, you can buy its pro version that will add extra stuff to the app, such as cloud backup support, cross-device syncing, an ad-free experience, and many more. The pro version of Drivvo is available for $6.00.


Fuelio is another decent cheap gas finder app that works a lot like the Drivvo app. The app can keep track of various driving metrics such as gas mileage, money spent on gas, overall mileage, etc. It even keeps track of multiple vehicles and includes a GPS log. It is integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox, which means you can even backup your data if you want. The app is quite straightforward and available entirely for free, with no in-app purchases.


GasBuddy is quite a very popular cheap gas finder app. It uses crowdsourcing to keep gas prices up to date. The app supports various kinds of fuel and even encourages its users to get information on gas prices. The app works fantastically, but it’s not very secure. So if privacy matters to you a lot, I will suggest not trying this app; otherwise, it’s an excellent cheap gas finder.


Waze is entirely not a gas finder app, but a GPS app with gas pricing tools. Well, the app gathers and shows you gas prices from the gas stations near you. It even lets you search manually so that you can check the prices of gas at any gas station. Additionally, it boasts GPS navigation features and works with Android Auto, similar to Google Maps. The app has a straightforward user interface and works very well. This one is entirely available for free.

Gas Guru

Gas Guru is an excellent cheap gas finder app that draws information for gas prices from the Oil Price Information Service, which means you will always get recently updated and the most accurate gas prices on the app. It even tells you the directions for the cheapest gas station in your locality and features some social elements. The user interface of the app is quite simple, and it works fantastically. This one is also available entirely for free to use.

There are many other cheap gas finder apps available on the Google Play Store, but the apps we mentioned in this list work well and show you accurate data. We strongly recommend you to install and try the apps mentioned above so that you can find the cheapest gas station near you. Thank you!

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