What to spend Gil on in FFXIV Free Trial (Guide) - Trials of Fantasy

There are various options for players to earn the gil they need in FFXIV. These include farming crops, hunter creatures, finishing FATEs and Duties and the sale of crafting equipment.

 Making purchases of products that do well on the marketplace board is a fantastic way to generate the gil. You will need some experience as the marketplace is ever-changing.

  1. Resell and Buy Items

 There's an array of things that can earn players Gil in the game. Crafting is one of many ways you can earn money in the FFXIV. Crafters can make high-end gear for an affordable price, then trade it off for large amounts of gold.

 Gatherers are another great resource for Gil. They are able to harvest resources throughout Eorzea which they can then turn into gil on the market board. It is particularly profitable at the start of a patch cycle, when new resources and nodes are added to the game.

 Another great way to make Gil is to make small shards inside flowerpots. This will require some money for seeds, but will yield an average of 2000 to 8000gil per day depending on the type of market you are in and the amount of pots that there are.

  2. Make sure you are prepared for patches

 When a patch is released, a lot of gamers will require a lot of stuff. It can create an increased demand for handmade items, furniture, and consumables. It's an ideal option for those who don't like the idea of levelling their craftsman and getting an item to make a lot of money through Market Board. Market Board.For the most reliable and affordable buy ffxiv gil  , check here or explore our official marketplace.

 For those with high-level gathering classes, like Miner and Botanist, spotting unspoiled locations can be an extremely profitable strategy to generate Gil. These spots yield items like Anemos locks and cracked clusters that sell for a considerable quantity of Gil for sale.

 Gardening is yet another option to produce Gil. The process involves setting aside some leisure time for the cultivation of Thavnairian onion and various other crops that will sell to make a decent amount of return on the market.

   3. Craft and Sell Items

 FFXIV Gil is the primary game currency used in Final Fantasy XIV. The players can earn it through different activities like playing dungeons and guildleves, getting rid of monsters and selling their items as well as trading with other players. Apart from earning their own gil, they can make use of it to purchase the latest equipment, furniture, guns, and other items.

 One of the most efficient methods to create gil is making it by hand. With this method, you can create high-quality gear and offer it to buyers at a premium price. This is one reason that so many people choose to take the crafter classes.

 Another method for making gil is by selling items in the market boards. But, this process requires lots of effort and isn't recommended for novices. Sell items such as Topsoils cracks, Topsoils Crystals, and clusters is a great way to generate gil.

   4. Retainer Ventures

 FFXIV gives players a number of options for making Gil. There are leves available, that provide a large sum of money per run, and gathering during the initial weeks of a new patch, when things are limited and prices excessive.

 As opposed to some of the previous material, the majority of short exploration tasks are quite profitable, especially if you're a gatherer because of the possibility of bringing back Taffeta cloth or light Steel Plate, which can be offered for sale at a price of gold. They also usually yield a few Grand Company Seals, they can be exchanged for Ventures in exchange for Cordial.

 The players can earn a substantial amount of Gil by trading with others, however, this usually comes with high transaction costs. Also, taking on main quests or guildleves is also a excellent way to earn a lot of Gil.