Are you currently wrestling with ways to keep their Komatsu excavator motor working at its best? The Denso-Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 094000-0601 6245-71-1111 is actually a choice that is top construction that is many hefty equipment operators. Check out in connection with good grounds why this fuel pump will be the cut that beats all others:


: Enhances engine efficiency and efficiency

- produces pressure that is stable accurate gas injection timing for optimized combustion

: can perform gas which are maximum and reduced emissions

: Lowers gas usage and maintenance costs into the run that is very long


: Advanced technology which are exact and dependable

- Improved nozzle needle design for better gas atomization and gas circulation

- Pressure control valve that adjusts gas force according to engine load and rate

- Internal mechanism that stops gas leakage and decrease gas pump use


: Build to precise measurement and quality control which can be industry-standard

- ISO/TS facility that is 16949-certified testing procedure this is certainly rigorous

: made out of durable content which resist corrosion and abrasion

- Designed to fit Komatsu excavator machines perfectly, decreasing the likelihood with XCMG hydraulic pump of accidents set off by faulty or parts that can easily be unsuitable


- Suitable for Komatsu excavator engine models such as for instance PC200-8 and PC220-8

: Direct substitution for original fuel pump part number 6245-71-1111

- Simple to install with appropriate tools and instructions

- Connects to the fuel lines and control that was electronic with this motor


How to Use:

: Before setting up, ensure that the fuel system is clean and clear of contaminants

: stick to the maker's instructions and torque specifications for installation

- begin the motor and allow it idle when it comes to moments that are few hot up and check always for leakages

: Monitor the gas stress and injection timing something that is utilizing is diagnostic xcmg gear box assembly transmission adjust if necessary

: Regularly inspect the gas pump and substitute if used as hurt


- Denso offers support that will be customer that is technical because of their products

- Genuine Denso replacement parts are present for repair as overhaul needs

- Warranty protection changes by region and depends into the item that try particular application

: Regular maintenance and inspections can boost the lifespan and efficiency of this fuel pump



: Denso was a leading supplier which is worldwide of and industrial parts

- Denso items undergo rigorous evaluating and quality control measures

: Denso frequently invests in studies and developing to boost their items and remain in the forefront of innovation

- Denso parts is respected for their dependability, durability, and effectiveness


- Denso-Diesel Fuel Injection Pump 094000-0601 6245-71-1111 is suitable Cabin Excavator For SANY for some other Komatsu diesel machines, like some bulldozers and wheel loaders

: Denso also provides other fuel injection system components, such since injectors and nozzles, to finish their engine overhaul requirements

- Denso items is commonly used in several companies and applications, including agriculture, marine, and construction