The TricksClues is a successful blogging platform for visitors. It is well known for its technology-related blogs and articles. It also provides blogs on a range of subjects, such as entertainment, android, iOs, items connected devices. It has been serving since 2015. Each blog has been written to the point and is original. One of the best-loved and most-visited tips blogs is temporary phone numbers. Temp number is getting known and used by individuals from several countries.

Temp number nowadays is one of the best ways to prevent your identity in dealing with situations like privacy, online dates, classified web interchange, or instant verification when you apply for a service. Getting a temp number is a very easy process you can get it from an app or website you just need cellular data or Wi-Fi-connection.

If you are looking for genuine apps and a website where you can get a temp number then you are in a right place. Here, below are the list of apps that provide temp number –

1.     Receive SMS online - It's a free site to receive SMS and voice mail electronically. You can use it from all places, for Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many more. For this, you do not need to download anything you can directly visit this site.

2.     Burner - The most known method to acquire a temp number is Burner. It is a phone app that runs in Canada that the U.S. and adds a second phone number to your current phone. It uses actual phone numbers, as opposed to VoIP numbers, meaning that you can use it for whatever authentication or purpose you need. It also provides voice, text, and voice mail.

3.     Google Voice - Google Voice is an accessible messaging free-for-all solution. You can set a single number to ring all your phones, mobile and wired. You pick a local number in your area, tell them where to go. You can also call and text and use the number that you think is acceptable.

4.     Hushed –It is like a burner app but it provides more features. Also, it is well-liked because it is accessible in more than 35 countries.

Therefore, these apps will help you to get a temp number.  By using these apps you will be benefited from several features. Also, there is a limit to use these apps as everything has some pros and some cons. You can also visit our site to know more detailed things. Enjoy reading!