The Tricks Clues is a popular guest blogging site. It is well known for its technological related blogs and news. It also offers blogs on different topics like entertainment, android, iOs devices related to things. It is serving visitors since the year 2015. Every single blog is written to the point and is unique. One of the most liked and visited the blog of tricks clues is on the topic of temporary phone numbers.

Today, temporary phone numbers are a perfect way to protect your privacy when coping with circumstances such as privacy, blind dates, exchanges set up on classified websites, or quick authentication when you sign up for a service. You can get temporary phone numbers via a smartphone app that can run on your cell phone for minutes or through a quick Wi-Fi connection, as well as on the internet.

Prepaid mobile phones widely referred to as burner phones are often an easy choice for a temporary number, as well as temporary SIM cards. Skype and Google Voice are common options to have an extra phone number that you can use temporarily, with the possibility of keeping it long-term. Many apps provide temporary numbers, and they are as follows –

1.     Line 2 - Line 2 is a business and official program app. Other than regular calling and texting, it makes phone calls, auto-attending features, and the best thing is that you can run a toll-free number on the same one. It gives you the option to add several lines in case of business expansion.

2.     Sideline - Sideline is much more than just the second number on your phone. It's a chat app that lets you work effectively, communicate with your clients, and work together as a team. Professionals prefer Sideline because of its unparalleled stability and a feature-rich design that distinguishes work from existence.

3.     Hushed - Hushed is a popular Android and iPhone device app that enables users to build several private numbers to put voice calls and send SMS messages to contacts securely. It is affordable and is safe.

4.     Cover Me - Cover Me is a free program for iPhone and Android that provides military-grade security protection for your calls, messages, and both your private and personal information, such as photos, videos, phone logs, and contact information.

These are the apps that one can easily download to get temporary mobile numbers. To know more details about this such as how to use it, features, etc. do visit Enjoy reading!