A smartphone means a lot of data consumption. They are designed so that they will be using the data from your balance in some way once the data connection is available on your phone. However, it can be troublesome for those who are using limited data on their phone as the data balance can be exhausted quickly so, using a data saver app is the right choice. A good data saver app can check your data usages and help you save data on your phone by managing the pages you load or restricting certain services from using your data balance. There are many data saver apps available for Android, but only a few of those work effectively and worth installing on your phone. In this article, we have listed the best data saver apps available for Android. Let’s scroll down and find the best picks for you, which can save data on your phone. 


DataEye is one of the most popular data saver apps available for Android. This app can show you real-time data usages, and more details include the amount of data used by every app installed on your phone. This app allows you to turn off data access for those apps you don’t use frequently and stop syncing. This app is easy to use, and there are various offers you can find on this app for a better experience, which will cost you some additional money. You can download this app for free from Google Play Store. 


GlassWire is another popular app designed to save your data. This app can provide you with the stats about data used by every app on your phone, and if this app notices that some particular app is using a lot of data on your phone, it can block that app from accessing the network on your phone. This app is easy to use as the interface of the app is very easy and straightforward. This app will be the right choice for you if you need to identify the apps which use a lot of unnecessary data on your phone, and you can block or uninstall those if you want. 

Data Saving Browsers

We spend a big part of the data balance in browsing things on the web browser on our phone. Using a web browser that comes with a data saving feature can help save the data on your phone. Google Chrome, Mint Browser, UC Browser Mini, Opera Mini, and Phoenix Browser are some of the most popular web browsers which come with a built-in data saver. These web browsers compress the webpage you load, lower the resolution of images in it and sometimes remove some unnecessary parts from the webpage, to save the data on your phone. You can use any of the browsers with data saving features, activate the data saving setting, and save data on your phone. These browsers can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. 

Lite or Android Go Apps

Android GO or the Lite versions of many popular apps are an excellent solution to save data on your phone. Companies develop these apps for phones with low storage or regions with low network coverages. These apps use low storage on your phone and lower data, so they load quickly and use lesser data and space. However, sometimes these apps cannot have as many features as the full-size app, but the regular updates keep making these apps better. Some of the most popular lite apps are Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, Spotify Lite, and Facebook Messenger Lite, while Gmail Go, YouTube Go, or UC Browser Mini are also useful to save storage and data on your phone. All these apps can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. 

Settings of Your Device 

Suppose you are looking to monitor data usages on your phone or restrict some apps from using data unnecessarily. In that case, you can do so in the Settings of your Android device also without using any third-party app. Most of the Android smartphones these days allow you to keep a check on data usages by your device, and you can also set a limit to that. If you decide to use an in-built data saver app on your device, you will be able to restrict background data usages, disable sync for many apps, and various other things to save the data on your phone.  

Data comes at a price, and it is better to use it in doing things which we want to do rather than exhausting it into not so essential things like syncing or background uses. In this article, we have listed the apps that can help you save your data balance, and you can use any of these according to your comfort.

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