Frying steak may seem simple, but it's still a bit difficult for beginners! And frying steak is prone to oil splashing, and you also need to clean the stove, frying pan, and so on. In winter, you don't want to do it anymore, it's time for Comfee air fryer to show off your skills again.


Ingredients for Comfee air fryer steak

A piece of steak

An appropriate amount of black pepper powder

Moderate amount of salt


Steps for making Comfee air fryer steak


1. Put the steak in the refrigerator one night in advance to thaw, and use a kitchen tissue to absorb excess blood and water from the surface


2. Pour in a spoonful of rapeseed oil (or olive oil, butter) and spread evenly on each side


3. Put it in the Comfee air fryer, and I also grilled sausages along the way


4. The default temperature for the fryer is 200 ℃ and the time is 15 minutes.


5. Roast well and sprinkle salt while it's hot.


6. Let it stand for 5 minutes before cutting


The nutritional benefits of steak

Beef has a sweet taste, and a mild nature, and is beneficial to the spleen and stomach meridians. It has the effects of modifying the middle qi, nourishing the spleen and stomach, strengthening muscles and bones, resolving phlegm and calming wind, quenching thirst, and stopping saliva. It is suitable for people with sagging middle qi, short qi and weak bodies, weak muscles and bones, anemia, long-term illness, and yellow and dizzy complexion.


Dietary taboos for steak

Steak: Beef should not be eaten with chestnuts, snails, brown sugar, leeks, Baijiu, and pork.