Whilst I agree that both you and the person you are reacting to have made the lifestyle choice to have the responsibility of RS gold a different human being, a responsibility that needs to come with a huge sum of self-sacrifice and pretty much locks you out of ridiculously huge time investments in other pursuits to avoid being a neglectful parent. That was your decision and everybody else's pleasure of Runescape shouldn't be harmed by designing Runescape round the time-availability of those who have made life choices that lock them out of being able to spend up to a hobby as others.

Your child's well-being is valued by you within the market but many people do not. Many folks don't want kids and see time spent playing a game. That is kinda the point of this thread; many individuals who make this argument appear to be pushing their values on others, which makes out just like their choices to raise a child are inherently more virtuous than playing a video game and as such everyone else must cater to them. Technically those who choose to have children are creating an extremely selfish option.

There are things you can do in life to consume more of the planets resources than producing another life. But I'm not going to tell you to not have kids, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that your family commitments don't matter as much as me playing with my video game, because I choose to not push my values because inherently of more worth than yours, and I kindly ask folks making this argument to do the same.

All the people saying that nobody should care what happens from Runescape, that integrity doesn't matter, etc are individuals that are likely participate in these activities, and are not great at all for the longevity of the game. Where do they draw the line? "Who cares when there is 100 bots at every location, its only a game""Who cares if skills got shifted to 2m xp per hour, it's just a game""Who cares if jagex cares about Runescape and didn't run it into the floor, it's Only a game"

I don't get these folks. "I'm going to willingly play this game that I am already aware is all about grinding, but think of how I do not have enough time to perform the grinding I understand is different in cheap OSRS gold Runescape I'm deciding to playwith. No, I won't stop and find a game that better matches the lifestyle I've and the hours I am able to perform, I'm going to make sure Jagex caters to me!"