Mobile app development is vital to business growth, sales, and ROI- this is what commonly heard in the mobile dominated universe. Regardless of the size, type, and nation, the equation of mobile adoption is the same for every business.

As we have already stepped in the fourth quarter of the year 2020, the businesses who have not mobilized the operations or those that have already gone mobile, they are looking to rethink the businesses with mobile style either by going mobile or by optimizing the mobile apps. The former type of business is often stuck at the point of a world-class app idea because it’s all about the uniqueness of app ideas that can make or break the app’s success.

When you start searching on the internet, the plethora of mobile app ideas you will find that makes it difficult to narrow down the choice to one (The idea that guarantees profit and steps in the market trends).

That’s why our team of technical masters, business analysts, and marketers sits together and conducted research to find out the list of app ideas that are here to stay and worth investing in 2021.

Here’s the list of 21 mobile app innovative ideas that steal the show in 2021:

Ecommerce solution for handy shopping

Let’s accept it: most of us are shopaholics who love to shop from the comfort of a couch and skyrocketing revenue from mobile Ecommerce is the best evidence of the same. The life-changing app saves precious time and handles everything on people’s behalf, which ensures this trend would no longer get obsolete.

Augmented reality apps to transmogrify the reality

The AR technology works like icing on the cake for existing mobile apps or innovation for the businesses. For instance, the online M-commerce stores are adopting AR technology to allow the customers to try things such as clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, or furniture before they purchase.

Voice translation apps to end up the language barrier

Expediting to a location whose language you don’t know is the biggest nightmare for every wanderlust. That’s where real-time voice translation apps are the savior that takes local language as the input and translates them into English or other desired language. It enables people to connect with and roam in any corner of the world without any language barrier.

  • On-demand taxi app to say no to hailing a taxi on the road
  • Mall navigation maps to locate and find everything in-malls
  • On-demand grocery app to get groceries at the doorstep
  • A real-time carpooling app for affordable rides
  • On-demand healthcare for handy appointment booking
  • Parking space finder app to effortlessly find a parking slot
  • On-demand home service- every service at your home
  • Language learning app for broader life experiences
  • On-demand salon app for modern users
  • Video editing app to enhance the videos
  • On-demand bus ticketing app making bookings effortless
  • Supermarket checkout app to enhance the shopping experience
  • Finance management app to keep you within budget
  • Travel planning app for the next ultimate trips
  • Real estate app to buy, lease or rent a property
  • Dating app like- Tinder to find the best match
  • IoT apps to control the house remotely
  • Toy exchange app- make huge savings


The last word

The global app revenue reached $50 billion in the first half of 2020, that’s 23% up year-over-year.

It indicates react native mobile app development has become a revenue-generating machine and every entrepreneur likes to piece of apple pie. This is a lucrative opportunity but they can’t move ahead unless they won’t have a novel app idea that helps in creating a distinctive niche in the market. A long list of classic app ideas is enlisted that allows you to enjoy the success galore. Choose the one that you find the best.

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