Step by step instructions to print a Test Page

Utilizing the Test Page function is a decent method to test the connection between the printer and PC. It is sent directly from the printer and hence helps the user to understand and troubleshoot any kind of hardware or software issue.

Issues related to printers and scanners are common, sometimes to troubleshoot the printer we require a test print to check the connection, printer head or the ink status of your printer. Instead of printing multiple documents it is efficient to test a single page document which consists of all the gradients and colors to check for the issue.

Also it is advised to print a test page every 45 days to check the printer head, ink flow, and blockage inside the cartridges.

Let us look at the various methods to print test page for your printers. For color printers, you can print a test page that shows a comparison between the real colors and the picture taken by your printer. The test page lets you compare the current calibration and the default alignment. The test page contains color bars and pictures printed with the alignment information you are assessing. There are two versions of each picture. The upper form shows the picture printed with the default calibration and the lower rendition shows the picture printed with the calibration you are assessing.

In the event that the test page doesn't seem satisfactory, it very well may be on the grounds that the output profile related with the calibration isn't proper for the paper and print settings.