Apple is pretty well known for launching innovative smartwatches for its freaks. If you love smartwatches too, you should try the Apple Watch SE. It is incredibly affordable but has compelling features that are comparable with top-notch quality smartwatches from Apple. Smartwatches are perfect for tracking fitness, health, sleep, and even blood oxygen level. Do you know what the price of this smartwatch is? We will uncover that soon in this article, so stay focused and keep reading.

As we all know, the US’s Apple brand is well known for technological upgradation in its products such as cellphones, watches, wearable, etc. Every year its products evolve with new features.

This year Apple launched Series 5 and Series 6 smartwatches. Not only that but a few months back, it also launched a new series of smartwatch Apple Watch SE.

In comparison to the top models of smartwatches launched this year by Apple, it is cheaper. Approximately with a difference of $120. Isn’t it affordable? Undoubtedly it is. It has many fascinating features. Let’s have a sight on them.

Design and Display

It is quite similar to series 5 and 6 launched this year. The front is square-shaped. Apple is known for its quality products, and this watch is one of them. The display is attractive enough with a crisp and compact touchscreen. The screen is pretty tough and will not break easily. The company has made it highly resistant to water. You can carelessly dive into a pool or river without even thinking about it. 

Pricing and Availability

The 40 mm model costs roughly 279 USD on online shopping sites effortlessly.  The 44mm variant will set you back with 309 USD, which is quite affordable too when you look at its features. As you have seen, the pricing is even comparable with typically affordable smartwatches. This product is available on all major online shopping platforms, hands down.  Whether you want to use Amazon or the official Apple online store, the pricing is almost the same. 


It is powered by the S5 Apple chip, which is incredibly faster than other ordinary watches. However, it is a little inferior compared with Apple’s top-notch quality Apple watches, for example, the Watch Series 6. The company has not compromised with its features and specifications while building this smartwatch. Its processing power is pretty impressive when we look at its mere price tag. You get 18 hours of battery life, and the charging time is also pretty insignificant. It supports only a 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi connection, making it a little slower when it comes to internet connectivity. Whatsoever, it is quite a reasonable deal while looking at its price.

We hope you have found this article helpful and practical.  

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