Allegiant Airlines Refundable Ticket Policy

Allegiant is the leading airline which serves millions of people annually by connecting dozens of places. Allegiant is famous for its refundable flight ticket system which facilitates many customers. If you made the Allegiant Air Reservations for the refundable ticket, then you can get the benefit of the refundable ticket policy.

Refundable Ticket Policy of Allegiant Airlines

  • As per the refundable ticket policy, you will obtain the full refund when you cancel the refundable Allegiant ticket within 24 hours of reservations.

  • For the refundable Allegiant fares, any cancellation made by the airline will make you eligible to claim a refund for the unused part of the booking.

  • You will get the refund by visiting the official manage booking page of Allegiant Airlines. Here, you need to enter the valid login details and request a refund.

  • Apart from this, you can also claim the refund by making use of the Allegiant Air reservations executives.

  • The refund which you will receive for cancellation of your refundable Allegiant ticket will be in the original form. In the same currency and the same payment method.

  • The refundable Allegiant Airlines flight tickets always allow you to enjoy the additional perks given by allegiant without any restriction.

  • You can purchase the Allegiant refundable tickets either by cash or by the miles. However, the purchase made by miles offers some extra benefits.

  • You can buy the Allegiant Airlines refundable tickets only at the time of making the reservation.

If you need more details about your refundable Allegiant Air Reservations, then you can get in touch with the Allegiant customer support.