Massage is a form of physical therapy that can soothe tendons, activate blood circulation, dissipate blood stasis, reduce swelling and relieve pain.hong kong escorts Although we all know that there are many benefits of massage, but in fact what specific benefits may be many people say not clear. The following will popularize it for you.

First of all, massage, as a form of treatment that facilitates the maintenance and enhancement of activity and movement,nuru massage can make the joints more fluid through the use of muscles, ligaments, and other key parts of the human body's movement, thus reducing the likelihood of injuries during exercise.

Secondly, massage can unclog the body's tendons and accelerate blood circulation. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this helps balance yin and yang, improve the body's immunity, prevent diseases and energize people. In addition, massage can also promote the body's endocrine system, help eliminate toxins in the body, and have a positive impact on skin beauty.

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, various organs and tendons in the human body are interrelated. In other words, once there is a problem in the human body, if the sinews and veins are smooth, there will be a natural flow of qi and blood, and the disease will mostly get better.

In daily life, people's bodies will unknowingly accumulate a certain amount of unhealthy hormones. If this situation is not improved in time, the long-term suppression of the "stress hormone" cortisol levels will rise, resulting in insomnia, headaches and even digestive problems. A proper massage can help reduce cortisol levels in the body, allowing the body to enter a relaxed state of rest and recovery. Studies have found that massage can trigger chemical reactions in the brain that produce lasting emotional experiences, thus reducing stress in the organism and improving the production of bad moods.

Correct and appropriate massage also allows the body to relax better and relieves muscle pain associated with poor posture. In fact, massage not only relaxes the muscles, but also relaxes the joints so that the patient's body is in a healthy and natural posture, thus avoiding the onset of pain.

In conclusion, massage has many benefits, but it is not without limits. There is a limit to everything and massage is no exception. For different diseases, the need to massage parts are different, and even some have contraindications. In addition, massage also need to pay attention to the "amount", not the more the better, according to the actual condition to determine.


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