In recent years, as the number of users purchasing and using mobile phone shielding equipment continues to increase, when users give us feedback on their use experience, they usually talk about the issue of shielding distance, and most of them hope that the shielding distance can be achieved In larger areas, and even in some relatively open areas, it is expected that one or two shielding devices can solve all mobile phone signal blocking problems. Then the question immediately arises. Is there an upper limit on the shielding distance of current mobile phone shielding equipment? If there is an upper limit, what is the upper limit of this shielding distance?

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Any customer who has a certain understanding of mobile phone shielding equipment will know that the effective shielding distance of 5G signal blockers are closely related to the environmental signal strength of the site where it is used. To be more detailed, that is the use of 5G base stations around the site. The distance determines the shielding distance. If the 5G base station is more than 1km away from the site, the mobile phone shielding instrument will have a very large range, and the effective shielding radius will reach tens of meters. If the 5G base station is only three to four hundred meters away from the site, then the operating distance of the mobile phone shielding instrument will be much shorter, and may only be maintained at about one to twenty meters. If the distance between the 5G base station and the site is less than 200 meters, the consequences will be more serious. Conventional low-power mobile phone shielding instruments can hardly play a shielding role, and the radius of their effective shielding range may be only 1-2 meters.

After knowing the above analysis, how to define the upper limit of the shielding distance of cell phone jammer equipment? Obviously, this upper limit must be inseparable from the distance between the on-site environment and the surrounding base stations. There are also two important influencing factors: one is the radio frequency transmission power of the shielding device, and the other is the antenna used by the shielding device.

Let’s look at the first point first. Regarding the radio frequency transmission power of mobile phone shielding equipment, according to common sense, the greater the transmission power, the greater the effective distance. At present, the maximum RF power is basically able to achieve 100-200W for a single frequency band module, and the corresponding effective distance is about 200-500 meters.

Let’s look at the second point. Regarding the antenna used with the mobile phone shielding instrument, there are two options: using a high-gain directional antenna, the effective shielding distance will definitely be much greater than using a low-gain omnidirectional antenna. However, The use of directional antennas only increases the shielding distance in the targeted direction, while giving up a large area of effective shielding range in the side and back areas.