It’s official! The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is confirmed, and fans can expect a little surprise from the former emo legend turned comic book writer Gerard Way.

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy successfully managed to pull off two seasons with decisive action and an excellent storyline. The third installment in the franchise goes beyond the average superhero movie and sheds light on the siblings bonding as they return to the battlefield to fight one more time.

In season 2, the 1960s vibe was perfect, and the ten episodes of absolute family drama mixed with the intense fight scenes left us in a cliffhanger of questions.

Though the ending was bittersweet and left many unexplained questions, season three is here to tie all the loose knots once and for all.

What is the release date of The Umbrella Academy Season 3?

Though the official release date is still unknown, Netflix and The Umbrella Academy simultaneously tweeted about the production of the third installment, which will start in February 2021 in Toronto, Canada. The two seasons were also filmed in other major Canadian cities like Toronto, Ontario, Hamilton, and Ontario. Fans can expect the release date in the fall of 2021 or early 2022, but as of now, it’s hard to guess the exact date and time of the release date of the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Characters

The Hargreeves siblings will return to the screen, and as you know, the actors from The Umbrella Academy S1 and S2 will play the same set of characters.

Here is a list of all the actors/actresses with the character they’ll be playing in the third season of The Umbrella Academy.

Colm Feore (Reginald Hargreevs)

Ritu Arya (Lila)

Ellen Page (Vanya Hargreeves)

Tom Hopper (Luther Hargreeves)

Justin H. Min (Ben Hargreeves)

Aidan Gallagher (Five)

David Castañeda (Diego Hargreeves)

Robert Sheehan Klaus (Hargreeves)

Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison Hargreeves)

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 plot

The third season of The Umbrella Academy will pick up the story from the second season’s finale where Lila is ghosted, Ben and Reginald have no recollection of the Umbrella Academy. And the show’s biggest mystery about the origin of Sparrow Academy is still unsolved.

The setting is perfect for the third season, as each of the characters will try to recollect where they went wrong and who they are! Moreover, in season 2, the last episode, Reginald unraveled himself as an alien creature. The alien theory gives a story a massive plot twist as he was first presented as an eccentric billionaire who adopts the seven kids.

In the third season, we can expect the siblings to reestablish their superhero team. Who knows, they might even uncover the secrets behind the subtle secret society – Majestic 12.

Season 3 will explore a different route, while the seven siblings will try to find their way back to their superhero selves. Although the comic has already unraveled the season 3 plot twist, Netflix users might have to wait for another year to enjoy this yummy treat from Netflix.


The Umbrella Academy is not an average superhero story. It goes deep inside the psychological and dramatic warfare between the 7 siblings and the world around them. The enemies are as strong as the heroes, which makes the story immersing and not one-sided. The family drama mixed with the superpower factor makes The Umbrella Academy stand out from the rest and explores a different perspective into superhero stories.

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