Immigrating abroad is a dream for many Indians. Lakhs of Indians immigrate to Middle-East countries, Canada, UK, US every year in search of better employment opportunities, higher education purposes, high standard of living, etc.

When you plan to immigrate abroad, there are certain things you need to plan before immigrating. There are procedures, mainly paperwork that you need to complete to get your visa approved and complete the immigration process to settle in that country.

Here are some of the immigration processes that you need to complete to immigrate abroad.

Apply for a Visa: After checking into the official website of the country you are travelling to, and based on your travel purpose, apply for a visa by submitting the required documents.

Documents: Make sure that you have attested copies of your documents that you will be needed for immigration. It includes your birth certificate, educational documents, passport, etc.

Money: Research as to how much money you will require for air tickets, visa application, cost of living abroad, etc. It will give you an idea as to how much money you will require for immigrating abroad.

Certificate attestation: It is an important process to legalize your personal, educational, and commercial documents with an official seal and signature from the concerned state departments, ministry, and embassy. Certificate attestation is needed to authenticate your documents to use them abroad.

Depending on the document type, there are different document attestation processes in India. The main document attestation processes include:

State attestation: HRD attestation from the respective state HRDs is necessary for legalizing government recognized educational documents from the document issuing state. Notary attestation and Home attestation are required for attesting personal documents and the Chamber of Commerce attestation is needed for attesting commercial documents.

MEA attestation: The documents are then attested from the Ministry of External Affairs. If the country you are immigrating to is a Hague Convention member country, then you will need to MEA Apostille attestation.

Embassy attestation: After MEA attestation, the documents should be attested from the embassy of the country you are intending to travel to.

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