The United Arab Emirates [UAE] has a huge majority of Indians residing in the country. Every year lakhs of Indian immigrants migrate to UAE in search of employment opportunities and higher studies purposes. Indian immigrants have to submit educational documents for completing the visa process and for further processing once you reach the country.

It is important for you to get an equivalency certificate for your Indian degree for using them in the UAE for various purposes. An equivalency certificate is needed for educational documents gained outside the UAE. It helps the employers, educational institutions, and official authorities in the UAE to better understand your credentials in terms of the UAE education system.

However, the main issue faced by the Indian immigrants in the UAE was the rejection of the equivalency of Indian degrees by the officials. The degrees are rejected due to a lack of clarity over the internal and external marks issued by some of the Indian universities.

Due to the issue of not getting the degree equivalency in the UAE, many Indian immigrants are finding it difficult to get their desired jobs and higher studies in the UAE. To help the Indian expats, the UAE government has notified that the government will issue equivalency to India degrees that match all the other set certificate equivalency criteria.

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