Acrylic infinity swimming pool refers to the use of acrylic sheets on the side of the swimming pool, and all the conditions inside the swimming pool can be seen from the side. The high permeability of acrylic sheet makes people feel that there is no boundary and no frame. The toughness and plasticity of the acrylic plate can be molded into any shape, not limited to straight, streamlined, arc, and triangular, all can be realized. Thick acrylic plate has good toughness, can withstand strong water pressure and hang in the air. People swim in the suspended swimming pool, and you can see the internal conditions of the pool from the high buildings.

Acrylic swimming pool has the advantages of beautiful appearance, strong firmness and convenient use, and because acrylic has excellent weather resistance, is not easy to turn yellow, and is suitable for outdoor projects, it has been favored by real estate developers from all walks of life. First of all, the company carried out unique adjustments to the acrylic sheet production and manufacturing formula according to the local climate characteristics of the project; secondly, combined with the special high altitude of the project, we used unique craftsmanship and exquisite installation level to hoist the pool sheet to the designated location for implementation. Installation work.

In addition, this classification also includes acrylic lazy rivers. Engineers will conduct multiple precise calculations to consider the force of acrylic during the use of the lazy rivers to ensure the safety of the project; secondly, the intelligent drying room and the five-axis engraving machine ensure the plate radian respectively And the accuracy of corners and cutting angles; multiple processes provide service guarantee for the final implementation of the project.

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