Money Movers is a well-liked game right now, much like the waffle unlimited Wordle was in the past. In Money Movers, one of the two brothers is attempting to break out of jail. There are a total of 20 stages in this game, and each one has a unique set of challenges. By pushing buttons, pulling levers, throwing and manipulating objects, and even escaping from other deadly inmates of the prison, you, the player, must get through these hurdles.

Because the jail is not completely empty on some of the levels, you will have to fight off guards and other inmates who are attempting to stop you from leaving. A pair of criminal brothers consist of two males that are physically very different from one another. Despite being speedier than the younger brother, the elder brother can toss objects. Little brother is more agile than big brother, thus he can squeeze through small areas. You must employ both characters to get through the stages and clear the route since one character can move in places that the other cannot. Waffle and Duotrigordle are only two of the many wonderful and distinctive games available. Just try it out!