The holy season of Easter celebrations brings alive the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is an occasion that is considered quite significant by the Christians around the world. Although, it is a time for prayers and religious sentiments yet is incomplete without the gatherings of family and friends over hearty meals. 

Similarly, seasonal flowers are integral to the annual festivities and are hence used in home decoration as well as gifting. So, if you are not sure as to what gift will be best for Easter, you can opt to order for Bouquets Delivery in Bangalore

Knowing about different flowers used in Easter celebrations and decorations is helpful so that you can make the most appropriate delivery for your loved one.

 Easter Flowers and their meanings

Going for ordering the Online Flowers to Jaipur and that too without knowing the actual significance of each can be problematic. 

The white Lily bouquet

Lily is a popular symbol of Easter celebrations. Since, the flower represents love and hope, it is one of the most popular gift items in traditional gifting ideas. Therefore, it is a good idea to order for Bouquets Delivery in Bangalore for a loved one.

The flower also represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days post his crucifixion. It is believed that these flowers grew from where his drops of blood fell. 


Going for ordering the Online Flowers to Jaipur for a close one? If yes, then opt for the lovely daisies that symbolise the purity and placidness. These two qualities are core to the spirit of the occasion.


Daffodil is regarded as one of the most popular Easter flowers that has a romantic connection. Opting to gift these on Easter shows that the person is the only true love in your life. This also shows how much you love them and regard them.

It also indicates that you feel happy to be with them and respect them greatly.

Beautiful tulips

Having a beautiful tulip flower means that you love someone greatly. It is the messenger of passion and hope.

Red tulips give an announcement that you love a person, but tulips of any other shade also signify your love for them. Also, giving a varied colored tulip arrangement means that you love their eyes while getting yellow ones help you to understand that the other person is hopelessly in love with you.

Choose the best florist for sending Online Flowers to Jaipur

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With Easter season just around the corner, it is the perfect time to order flowers and bouquets for all your close friends, family, etc. 

How to order a gift or bouquet from the brand?

You need to simply visit the online store of the company. You will be amazed to find amazing options of floral arrangements and beautiful gifts at an appropriate budget. You can then choose the perfect flowers for the occasion and strike an emotional chord with the receivers. 

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