The general state of AI in SaaS and software development


Firstly, let’s review where the AI market is at right now. As noted above, this development and advancement period is generally called ‘The golden age of AI’. Statista writer Bergur Thormundsson says the AI market covers many industries. Thormundsson attests, “Everything from supply chains, marketing, product making, research, analysis, and more are fields that will in some aspect adopt artificial intelligence within their business structures.” “Chatbots, image generating AI, and mobile applications are all among the major trends improving AI in the coming years.”


Major innovations AI is contributing to SaaS and software development in 2023 and 2024

  1. Accessibility

  2. Democratization

  3. Affordability

  4. Accuracy

  5. Automation

  6. Analytics

  7. Training


What is the current state of AI development for Salesforce?


Overall, this Salesforce products suite is called AI Cloud and incorporates tools and functionalities to bring AI directly to enterprises. Not only does this give businesses AI technology access but also it advances the generative AI functionalities introduced this year. Salesforce representative Adam Caplan told TechCrunch in mid-2023 that they’re expanding their product range while scaling with AI. Specifically, Caplan said, “What we’re doing is we’re basically taking an ecosystem approach — an open approach — and working with the best model for the best use case.”

The current Salesforce range of newly-launched AI Cloud products offering generative AI advancements


  • Sales GPT

  • Service GPT

  • Marketing GPT

  • Commerce GPT

  • Slack GPT

  • Tableau GPT

  • Flow GPT (scheduled to launch in October 2023)

  • Apex GPT


The development process of top Salesforce developers


  • Consultation

  • Research and ideation

  • Prototyping and testing

  • Integration preparation

  • Deployment and integration 

  • Maintenance

  • Scaling


The AI certifications top Salesforce developers can complete in Trailhead


Because certification is an important reason for choosing top Salesforce developers, businesses should look at AI qualifications. Accordingly, these are the current AI learning trails on Salesforce Trailhead that developers can hold for Salesforce GPT expertise:


  • Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

  • Generative AI Basics

  • Natural Language Processing Basics

  • Data Analytics Fundamentals

  • Correlation and Regression

  • Responsible Creation of Artificial Intelligence


Key certifications of top Salesforce developers


When businesses want to hire top Salesforce developers then they need a development company that is a Salesforce Partner.


In summary, these Salesforce Partner Ecosystem members can:


  • Add new features to products as they become available

  • Scale platforms as needed to enhance and strengthen Salesforce solutions

  • Simplify integration for third-party platforms like Google G Suite and AppExchange products

  • Demonstrate certifications in Technical Architecture, Development, Technical Consultation, Administration, Marketing, and AI


The types of AI features in Salesforce products right now


  1. Generative AI:- Einstein GPT is Salesforce’s new flagship generative AI for CRM. Not only is this integratable with OpenAI for advanced generative AI but also it uses proprietary Salesforce AI infrastructure. For instance, customers interacting in the Salesforce CRM receive AI-created support across all integrated Salesforce products. 


  1. Conversational AI:- Salesforce currently has AI-powered customer service chatbots in its CRM that use natural language processing (NLP). This enables personalized CX across channels using data marketing, analytics, and sales cloud sources.


  1. Code scanning:- The Salesforce Code Analyzer is a tool that can analyze multiple programming languages. In short, this can identify bugs and problems in code that help programmers improve the overall code quality. Also, Salesforce is using this tool in the AppExchange to security review packages before listing on the marketplace.




In conclusion, AI is going to be omnipresent in all our technology well into the future. It’s understandable then why Microsoft’s Judson Althoff asserts that “The future of business is here”. When AI capabilities are integrated with robust products like Salesforce then functionalities are both expanded and unlocked.’


Certainly, the Salesforce AI Cloud products are still developing and some are yet to be launched to market. Ultimately the strategic process of development consultation is a central part of any software engineering.


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