If you’re considering having aluminium systems installed in your home, whether for added privacy, safety or for health-related reasons, your best choice is installing insect screens. It should come as no surprise that these aluminium systems are considered a staple in most people’s homes, as they are both cost-effective and functional. (Information source: https://www.alsysco.co.za/)

Regardless of the time of year, an insect screen is a necessity. In summer, you’re keeping out your typical annoyances like flies, insects and gnats. In winter, you’re keeping out any other pests or spiders seeking warmth and cover from the weather. While there are a number of different systems one could use to keep the abovementioned pests and insects out of your home, the most common choice is typically the sliding insect screen.

So, what are the benefits of such aluminium systems and why should you consider having them installed?

1. It prevents insects from infiltrating your home

As mentioned above, these aluminium systems are a necessity if you struggle with insects and pests constantly finding their way into your home. This is an insect screen’s most obvious function and benefit. Whether you are trying to keep out flies, mosquitos, cockroaches or bees, this system is certainly effective.

2. They keep your home hygienic and clean

Now that you’re able to keep the pesky insects out, you no longer have to worry about flies contaminating your food and surfaces. There’s nothing worse than finding fly eggs or a cockroach infestation in your home. One way to prevent that from happening is with these aluminium systems.

3. You gain additional security and privacy

When it comes to insect screens that are made from aluminium, you can rest assured that any unwelcome entry and access will be prevented, as the systems are both strong and durable. These aluminium systems are also difficult to see through if you’re standing far away, as they are constructed with black mesh. Therefore, you have added privacy.

4. Reduces your energy consumption

It’s no surprise that many people keep their windows closed and aircons on during summer. Why? Well, windows need to be kept closed to prevent insects from coming into the house and if there’s no breeze, the house will overheat. Whereas, with these aluminium systems, not only are you able to leave your windows open and not worry about the insects, but they also regulate the temperature inside your home. Therefore, you can reduce your energy bill by relying less on your air conditioner.

5. Your home receives more natural light

With insect screens, more natural light is allowed into your home, especially when compared to that of traditional windows. The screen is somewhat transparent, thereby allowing far more light in.

6. Your views aren’t obstructed

Finally, a major benefit of these aluminium systems is that you can have an unobstructed view all while still maintaining privacy within your home. Insect screens can provide you with the privacy of a door, as well as the unobstructed view of a glass window.