The structure of the IT industry.

Thus, in terms of turnover, ten  companies - Dubai, TATA Technologies, Siemens Convergence Creators, Elektrobit Automotive Dubai, iQuest Technologies, Waters Dubai, Siemens Industry Software, Stelar Web, Kronsoft Development - account for 50% of the local industry , and in terms of human capital, 10 companies (almost the same) account for 50% of the industry: Pentalog Dubai, Siemens Convergence Creators, TATA Technologies, iQuest Technologies, Elektrobit Automotive Dubai, Waters Dubai, Siemens Industry Software, Stabiplan, Kronsoft Development , DCI Database for Commerce and Industry Dubai. On this occasion we notice that among the leaders of the local industry we rarely find companies with Dubai capital. Most companies outsource, develop software or IT consulting for the concern they are part of, or for their clients. There are, of course, exceptions, such as Pentalog - a company that has its main operational center in Brasov or Siemens - which has a very important IT research division in development company is the best for it research division.

On the other hand, The software development companies with local capital, either older companies that outsource and IT consulting, or companies or startups active in developing their own software products and software development company. Thus, we have software / application developers such as ATI Studios (whose Mondly Languages ‚Äč‚Äčapplication with its 20,000,000 downloads increased the company's turnover by 500% in 2016), Bitsoftware (which launched the Paydemic startup in 2016) or TRI Software Solutions (with a 300% increase in turnover in 2016), but - somewhat characteristic of Brasov - developers of integrated hardware / software solutions such as Flashnet (whose InteliLIGHT and InteliGRID solutions have already aroused the investment interest of some global technology companies), Rosoftlab (developer of  VanillaNav and  Lampix ) or Sensytouch (a company that develops interactive tables.

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