Blizzard's COO stated that World of Warcraft Shadowlands is better than any previous expansion in terms of pre-sales.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is less than a month away from the release, and its pre-sale effect is very good. The delay of Shadowlands has disappointed many players, but many people are still confident about the delayed launch date. As a result, the upcoming extension will become even better.

In the past ten years, the mainstream of the MMORPG world has always been World of Warcraft. Players have seen seven different expansions during that time, including the latest expansion in 2018, Battle for Azeroth. After the release of "Wrath of the Vanilla WOW Gold Lich King", almost every two years. Players need to spend more time waiting for the release of Shadowlands. If players have been waiting for two years, will a miracle happen in January?

Blizzard's hard work on Shadowlands has paid off financially. As the chief operating officer of Activision Blizzard, Daniel Alegre said that the franchise had reached the highest level before the expansion. Shadowlands' pre-patch is the biggest contributor. According to Alegre, World of Warcraft is far less outstanding than Shadowlands in terms of pre-sales.

World of Warcraft Classic was released last year, and World of Warcraft also added a large number of players. As for how many of Blizzard’s "30 million monthly active users" in the most recent quarter came from World of Warcraft, this question has not been answered by Alegre. But according to him, the number of this game has been showing a surge.

Because World of Warcraft Classic is so popular, it also caused some problems about the servers in the game. The emergence of the new expansion also allows players to start choosing between World of Warcraft Classic and "Shadow Land".The game World of Warcraft makes players go crazy for the game of World of Warcraft. In their free time, players can fully relax in the game. Players still have a great demand for the universal currency WOW ClassicGold in the game. What is helpless is that there are few ways to Buy WOW Classic Gold obtain WOW Classic Gold. I can get the biggest discount for the players on the MMOWTS website.