Blizzard does not have many measures in the field of e-sports World of Warcraft. After World of Warcraft was released in August, there were no official announcements about it.

Blizzard announced that he will host a "Summer Bowl" game for players. Participants are mainly from North America and Europe, and there are two prize pools of $4,000 that excite players. The World of Warcraft's War Game function, which allows players to be divided into groups and compete with other complete groups that accept battle requirements, will be used in the game.

On June 17, at the 10-vs-10 capture the flag battlefield Warsong Gulch, the event began. Qualifiers will be held in the last two weekends of June. Blizzard did not disclose the exact details of the qualification format in today's announcement, it all depends on the number of teams registered for the event.

If players want to compete, they need to meet a 60-level character and a 10-person team. The WOW Classic Gold competition does not require any PvP level or equipment. It is expected that many teams will have level 14 equipment, the highest level of PvP armor and weapons. On July 4th, six North American teams participated in the Summer Bowl game. On the 5th, six European teams will also participate in this game.

Blizzard held an e-sports event outside of Classic for the first time. Previously, Method Streamer Tips Out operated and held the only classic e-sports event Classic Dueler League. There is also the unconventional Twitch Rivals incident triggered by Warsong Gulch after its release in December.

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