Have you ever wondered why we see different Ganesha paintings painted in different colours? Aesthetic appeal is the most common and logical answer to this question, but it’s not 100% correct. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these pieces of art include deeper symbolism, with each colour having a particular meaning. In this blog post, we explore the power of colours, their symbolic meanings, and the feelings they arouse as we dig into the world of Ganesha paintings. By the end of the blog, we will also talk about a decor shop in Mumbai where you can buy beautiful Ganesha paintings.

Knowing Colour Symbolism

Colours have a huge impact on our feelings and emotions. Different colours and colour combinations are used in art and culture to convey messages and provoke emotions. Emotions of love, passion, purity, and spirituality can be successfully represented in a painting using various colours.


The Colours of Ganesha Paintings

Different colours are used in a Ganesh Ji painting in order to express different meanings and symbolism. Let’s look at some of the most common colours and their symbolic meanings:

Red: The red colour in Ganesha's paintings represents passion, strength, and vigour. When a painter uses red, he wants to represent Lord Ganesha’s ability to overcome challenges and bring about a positive transformation.

Yellow: The colour yellow is in alignment with intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. It embodies Lord Ganesha's role as the protector of knowledge and represents his capacity to bestow wisdom upon his followers.

Blue: The colour blue represents mysticism and divinity. It symbolises Lord Ganesha's holy presence and his ability to lead us to enlightenment by representing his timeless and boundless nature.

Green: The colour green represents growth, fertility, and abundance. The painting of a green-coloured Ganesha symbolises the nurturing attitude of the elephant god, reflecting his ability to grant success and abundance to his devotees.

White: The colour white represents spiritual enlightenment, peace, and purity. It represents Lord Ganesha's pure consciousness and purity and serves as a reminder to work towards our own inner harmony and spiritual development.

Colour Combinations and Their Meaning

In Ganesha paintings, the use of complementary colours heightens the artwork's impact.

While painting, the use of multiple colours further adds to the aesthetic appeal of the painting, making the artwork more beautiful and meaningful. Here are some of the common colour combinations and their interpretations:

Red and Yellow: The colours red and yellow stand for the perfect combination of intellect and energy, representing a balance between action and wisdom.

Green and blue: The colours blue and green are often used to show the spiritual component of personal growth and transformation. It also represents the harmonious balance of divinity and growth.

White and Gold: Together, the colours white and gold stand for purity and divine light, underlining Lord Ganesha's transcendental character.

Regional Differences in Colour Symbolism

Depending on the region and creative heritage, the colour symbolism of Indian art paintings might change. This variety is reflected in the distinctive colour schemes of the numerous Ganesha art styles. For instance:

Madhubani Art: Lord Ganesha is depicted in Madhubani paintings using vivid colours like red, yellow, and green, with each colour signifying a particular aspect of his persona and regional cultural beliefs.

Tanjore Painting: Tanjore paintings frequently highlight the wealth and divinity of Lord Ganesha by using rich jewel tones, such as hues of gold, crimson, and blue.


Ganesha paintings are a tribute to the expressive power of colour and its capacity to convey deep meanings. Each colour in the piece, from red, which stands for strength, to white, which stands for purity, adds depth and importance. We can better appreciate the creative expressions and spiritual connections that the Ganesha paintings evoke by comprehending the symbolism behind the colours used in them.

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