Gold-plated chain necklaces are the simplest way to have that bling look without spending that bling cash! But what happens when the gold plating starts to tarnish? Here's how to paint a chain necklace to make it seem as it did before.

Gold plated chain necklaces

Gold-plated chains are inexpensive methods to acquire the gold look without the gold price. They come in a variety of thicknesses, from tiny Cuban-style chains to thick gold-plated chains.

Usually, the base metal used to create these gold-plated items—copper, brass, silver, or stainless steel—is coated in a layer of gold plating. This coating of gold plating might be extremely thin or quite thick, depending on the item's quality.

Keep in mind that due to the style of the piece and the quantity of gold required to plate the item, gold plating chain necklaces can be time-consuming and costly. What you need know about replatingchain necklaces is given below.

The Replate Chain Necklace Procedure

Consider how frequently you wear this jewellery before the jeweller starts plating. Do you consistently wear it? Is it a product that is only released during special events? Determining this is crucial since it will influence the plating thickness you should choose for your item and, in turn, the cost.

The jeweller uses the item once you've established the thickness you require. The chain is first meticulously polished to make sure the metal is clean and free of any remnants of the previous coating. This is done to prevent the old plating from interfering with the new plating, which might result in a texture that is lumpy and uneven.

The jeweller next cleans the item and gets it ready for chemical plating. Some metals, like sterling silver, can go directly into the gold plating tank, while others, like stainless steel, need to first be nickel- or palladium-plated before they can be gold-plated.

The prepared object is then placed in the gold plating tank. With the exception of stones and enamel, electricity in the tank fuses the gold in the liquid solution to the surface of your necklace. The object gets removed once the appropriate amount of gold has bonded to the surface.

Costs of Replacing a Chain Necklace

The prices for replating a chain are different from those for plating a typical ring or pendant since chains are more difficult to polish and require more gold to plate. For normal thin chains measuring 18" and 1mm, add at least $60 to the usual gold plating fee.

You now know exactly how to replate a chain necklace! If you would want to begin repairing something, comment below and we can assist you.