Fasteners manufacturers are part of our daily lives. The table you place you valuable, the chair you sit on, and the automobile you use to travel by are fixed with different types of bolts, nuts, and screws.

Do you seek to buy nuts and bolts? You need to understand them. This is because there are many types of bolts, and each of them has a particular application. So, you need to get it right when buying nuts and bolts if you want to secure your materials well.

Types of bolts and how they are used

  1. Anchor bolt

Are you out to secure light poles, fasten equipment to concrete or structural beams? This is among the best types of bolts you need to buy. It has a threaded part on one end while the other end is non-threaded but L-shaped. You will always find these types of bolts with a nut and washer. They are made to rest rusting.

  1. Carriage bolts

Get these types of blots if you want to fasten wood to metal. It is full of threads but has a smooth head. Besides, it has a ribbed undercut that helps prevent the bolt from turning as you tighten it.

  1. Elevator types of bolts

They are used in conveyor systems and elevators. These Industrial fasteners have a thin countersunk head. Its squire undercut helps to prevent this bolt from turning.

  1. Eyebolts

These are types of bolts you can use in lifting applications like rope and rope in light rigging. They have a washer underside of the hex head. That assists in distributing force from bearing the load.

  1. Shoulder bolts

You can use types of bolts in pulleys, rolling wheels and gears, and moving engine parts. They consist of a long shank that has no threads which assist the attached moving parts in rotating.

Types of nuts

Nuts and bolts are just of different types. Here are some useful nuts and how you can use them.

Castle nuts- you can use it to hold a wheel bearing into place.

Coupling nuts- they are useful if you want to join two male threads.

Cup nut- made to prevent contact with external thread.

Heavy hex nuts- it is hex-shaped and has an internal thread. You can use them with machine screws to fasten any material.

Types of screws

A screw refers to a type of fastener mainly made from metal. They have a point on one side and a head on the other end. You can use screws to hold objects together or to a position.

 Types of screws include

Concrete screw- it is carbon steel or stainless. You can apply it to fasten the material to concrete.

Masonry- you can insert them into a pilot hole. 

Dowel screw- used to make a hidden joint between two parts of timber.


If you want to buy nuts and bolts, remember they are of different types. Ensure you choose types of bolts that will work well for what you are going to secure. It may be wood, metal, or plastics. Different types of nuts and bolts are meant for various purposes.  Inquire before buying so that you can get the right kind.