Alex and co. Designs and makes jewelry. The company makes fine engagement rings and diamond wedding bands. They have exclusively been made in Newton, MA. The categories dealt with at Alex and co. Are; engagement, loose diamonds, collections, and jewelry. Alex and co. is an award-winning company; it manufactures fine and the best-colored diamonds. The colored diamonds stretch from gentle yellow to deep brown. From translucent blue to warm pink and rich green.

There are several fine best-colored diamonds. They include:


BD718, FROM Alex and co. August 2020



It is a bracelet by Alex and co. It has made up of splendor white and yellow gold diamonds. It is a gorgeous bracelet. Its edges have 6.92 total weight while the center has set with 9.63 total value. It creates a floral design, the floral design, and the pure diamonds make it very attractive to the eye.



ED737 Alex and Co., August 2020


This colored jewelry is earrings from Alex and co, and their color is a gorgeous hue. The hue is a combination of pinkish diamonds with green and orange implications. They have set with eight drop diamonds. The total of the diamonds is 9.27 weight.



Photo; Pinterest


It is a platinum ring, and it has olive cut navy and radiant cut side stones. The ring has a unique color; this ring has a natural blue-green color. This ring is subtle and gorgeous.



PDC551, Alex and Co. August 2020


This piece is in the category of pendants, and it is a handcrafted chain. The chain has made up of 4 diamonds and 0.05 total weight. The color scheme is emerald green.



NDP508, Alex and Co. August 2020


It is a necklace with very classy pearls; the chain has three stations of diamonds. The diamonds are chocolate in color; they take in the shape of pearls. The weight of the diamonds amounts to 6.35 total carat weight.


RD960, Alec and Co


It is a round ring; the apex has a gold head. The head has set with 1.47 total weights. A heavy shank supplements the diamond. The shank is engraved. Alex and co jewelers make these rings in any desired shape.



RD959, Alex, and co August 2020


It is a beautiful yellow gold ring; it has an apex set of 1.53 total weights. The diamonds are fancy vivid yellow. A platinum edge surrounds the stone; the edge has set with 1.20 total weights. There also some diamonds that extend to the shoulders of the ring. It makes the ring one of the finest and best-colored jewelry.



Alex and co. Make the finest jewelry. The rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces have colored stones. The jewelry made by them is rare. It is outstanding and exceptional; the natural colored diamonds are unique. They are extraordinary; they express one's personality. The colored diamonds add a unique touch to the jewelry.