Token Development Company

Hivelance is a leading Token Development Company that will guide you through the whole process of creating a new blockchain from the ground up. We provide comprehensive crypto token development services and solutions for your company's needs. We establish a comprehensive, mission-driven token production strategy that includes everything from selecting the finest blockchain to endowing the blockchain's internal architecture, and we ensure efficient administration at every stage of crypto token development.


Our Token Development Services

We can produce a wide range of tokens on any blockchain network as a top Token Development Company.

·         Ethereum Token Development

·         BSC Token Development

·         DEFI Token Development

·         TRON Token Development

·         EOS Token Development

·         NFT Token Development

·         Decentralized NFTs (DNFT)

·         Semi Fungible Tokens (SFT)

·         Metaverse Token Development

·         Solana Token Development

·         Avalanche Token Development

·         Mintable Token Development

·         Token Generator Platform Development

·         Whitepaper Writing Services

·         Smart Contract Development

·         Asset Token Development

·         Altcoin Token Development

·         Utility Token Development

·         Security Token Development


Token Development Process

Define Token Purpose: Determine the intent and application of your crypto token. Specify if it will be used as digital currency, utility token, or security token reflecting asset ownership.


Choose Blockchain Platform: Choose an appropriate blockchain platform for creating your token. Ethereum is an obvious choice for its smart contract ability, but alternative platforms such as Binance Smart Chain, Solana, and Polkadot should also be examined.


Smart Contract Development: Write the smart contract code that regulates your token's behaviour and functioning. The smart contract specifies how to produce, transfer, and interact with the token. Solidity is a programming language that is often used for Ethereum smart contracts.


Security Audits: Conduct comprehensive security audits to find and fix any vulnerabilities or issues in the smart contract code. This process serves to maintain the integrity of the token, protect user assets, and mitigate potential hazards.


Token Deployment: Deploy the smart contract on the blockchain platform of your choice. Interacting with the blockchain network to build and deploy your token's smart contract, making it operational and accessible to users, is part of this process.


Token Integration: Integrate your token into wallets, exchanges, or other platforms where users will be able to engage with it. This allows users to effortlessly store, transfer, and exchange your token.


Premium Features of Crypto Token Development


Detailed Version

Along with their wallet, the tokens produced will adhere to blockchain requirements. They will have a name, a symbol, a decimal number, a total supply, and other information.


The circulating stock can be lowered by burning your token.


You Will Receive New Tokens After Minting. The owner will only be able to do minting. Minting can be disabled if you do not require new tokens.


To prevent trading, you can postpone token movement until all token transactions are unfrozen.

Entire Ownership

The Tokens Will Be Completely Owned By The Owner. They can have complete authority over them and the Mint.


More tokens exceeding the token limit cannot be created. This prevents the production of tokens other than those indicated.


Benefits of Launching Your Own Crypto Token



To be the best choice among competitors, having your own crypto token establishes the path for brand values. It aids in displaying a professional appearance for your brand.


To popularize your brand's worth, the use of tokens may be enhanced through airdrops and bounties. As a result, the band's value rises, and more people sign up.

Digital Exchange

The produced crypto tokens may be traded on numerous crypto exchange platforms, such as Binance, Wazirx, Paxful, and others.


Why Choose Hivelance to Crypto Token Development?

Hivelance works together with you to understand your crypto journey and to provide unique customized token production solutions that are suited to your company's specific requirements. We have over ten years of experience assisting organizations all around the world in hastening their crypto transition. As one of the top token development organizations, we have assisted customers from a wide range of industry sectors in expanding their businesses and distinguishing their brands online. You may make use of our high-quality team of token development specialists, who provide solutions for stability and agility with one-of-a-kind token-generating services. Our skilled developers can produce your token on any blockchain network in one day.