Quinnox’s SAP application maintenance and support provide flexible maintenance and support operations with 24/7 coverage globally and well-defined benefits. The mission is to provide high-class services with automated support and maintenance to fulfil your day-to-day business needs. With a flexible staffing model, both for skill and location, Quinnox helps you navigate through the growing needs of your business with operational excellence by providing you with a full-time support team to fulfill business goals within the defined time limit. Handling the consistency of maintenance processes is vital for the smooth functioning of existing systems or any new application. Some of the features and highlighted benefits of SAP Application maintenance and support provided by Quinnox are: Customer satisfaction - constant reviews from customers at every stage of maintenance through staff interactions. Diverse Solution approach- collaborative efforts to incorporate business objectives. Time-saving- quick fixes, changes, and implements with new applications and systems. Leveraging expertise- ‚Äč‚Äčtraining for technical and functional management. At Quinnox, the maintenance and support processes are defined by the SAP AMS model. This model consists of highly efficient and enhanced fixes, backtracking, and value additions for maintenance processes. The first stage in the SAP AMS model is application focus, where all incidents are tracked and components monitored. The second stage goals are process optimizations by end-to-end monitoring and alert setups. You can optimize your business application performance with the robust support, governance and transition methodologies adopted by our maintenance models. The third stage involves value creations with impact analysis and aiming service benchmarks. The deliveries are 100 per cent ITIL compliant and can be quickly administered without business disruption. Customized tools developed to support maintenance and support services include QTransition, Amenity, SynerG, ZTransp, and Q’ontrol. Built on years of experience in the maintenance domain, Quinnox has well-developed solutions and toolsets for SAP application maintenance and support, which you can avail of at any time. The outcomes are greater coordination to manage people, processes and technology to realize your business objectives with a robust IT portfolio.