Divorce mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method to litigation. A divorce mediation attorney Huntington Beach is a neutral third party who understands all your emotional and practical problems while trying to negotiate an agreement between you and your spouse. Our lead attorney, Mr. Binoye Jos works closely with both parties to resolve a variety of family disputes, such as child support, visitation rights, alimony, asset division, etc. With both parties agreeing, our divorce mediation attorneys in Huntington Beach create a settlement agreement. In just a few sessions, all your problems will likely be addressed through mediation.

Mediation is favorable over litigation when you and your spouse don't need legal intervention to finalize the divorce terms.

 Is Divorce Mediation Right for you?

Our divorce mediation attorneys in Huntington Beach believe that mediation is the best way to resolve marital conflicts. Couples are more likely to settle on solutions they have arranged themselves rather than act on an order by a third party that will govern their lives for many years. Mediation also provides closure to both parties once their intimate relationship comes to an end.

Our divorce mediation attorneys in Huntington Beach try to help both parties work through legal issues so that they can harmoniously co-parent their children and divide their assets in a cooperative way.

Due to the mutual agreement between the parties, mediation avoids polarization that often takes place at litigations. Our qualified mediators can help chalk out a plan for the future, and our aim is to help both parties live their separate lives amicably.

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