To make matters worse, there is an inexperienced madden 23 mut coins draft at the position. Even the most faithful supporters of the 2022 class of QBs admit that they all need seasoning. There isn't a clear Day 1 player, with the exception of maybe Kenny Pickett, though he is concerned about his hand size, attitude and ability to translate his skills into Madden NFL 23. 

The most promising prospect, Malik Willis, is completely unprepared to lead a team in the near future. His success will likely hinge on landing at a safe, stable organization where he is able to stay for a season or two behind a proven quarterback, learning not only an Madden NFL 23 offense but receive important practice sessions against Madden NFL 23 opposition.

If the bet is right should the odds be in your favor, and Trubisky could be the result of being in the wrong spot at the wrong moment and a pay-per-view of $10 million per year is a pretty good price for a quarterback who is starting. It's more like a dream than a plan -- and the teams that require quarterbacks today need solid plans.

There's a reason to be made for both. It would mean signing Trubisky on a short-term contract and also signing an additional QB to sit in the wings. It's a perfect of both worlds approach that could please fans immediately, while also making a concrete plan in the near future. It will also allow Trubisky to showcase his potential as a player in a new situation, potentially getting another big contract later on for all the trouble he's caused.

No matter what happens next no matter what happens, it's an opportunity to play Mitch Trubisky. It's only going to get better with teams trade away their starters. Since the news of Rodgers return to Green Bay teams will now seek out the best product on the market, and it could be Trubisky. He's moved from being a distant thought to being in the forefront of people's minds- and the dude buy madden nfl 23 coins is likely to get paid.