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But how fun can it be? You may already have an idea if you've participated on one of the game's many PS4 betas. However, now, reviews of the game are going online around the globe. In our review, we stated that World Warcraft "likely the largest and most impressive ever the franchise has been." Read our detailed analysis in the World of Warcraft review. If you prefer, check out an assortment of other reviews by critics or visit P2Pah the sister site Metacritic for a more extensive overview of criticism.

Since the beginning of the year there has been speculation about the identity of a new race that can be played by the Alliance one of two factions that make up the loved hugely-multiplayer game World of Warcraft. The rumors began with the announcement that WOW publisher Blizzard declared that the first expansion of this game The Burning Crusade, will introduce blood elves as a brand new race in the game's second faction, called the Horde.

Conjecture is a plethora of fans' wild fantasies that range from the fuzzy pandaren to mysterious and squirmy faces of the vilified and loved murlocs. The first Day of the Electronic tainment Expo, P2Pah editors gathered at the stand that was a part of Vivendi Games, Blizzard's parent company, to get an initial glimpse of the officially unidentified playable race.

The massive video screen located in the Burning Crusade area of Vivendi's booth clearly depicts the demon Draenei navigating through a variety of forested areas. A wall-sized display shows an elven draenei dressed in paladin garb, complete with shield, hammer, the spell book, as well as lion-and-eagle armour--doing battle with a blood-elf Rogue. And in case there was doubts, the display continues to show blood elves in front of orc warchief Thrall as a leader of the buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold horde and an elven draenei kneeling in front of the King of Ironforge with several members of the Alliance.