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Salesforce OmniStudio-Consultant Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Describe the benefits of using Calculation Matrices and Calculation Procedures and provide real examples
  • Identify business process step requirements and map them to OmniScript Components
Topic 2
  • Map process requirements to OmniStudio capabilities and explain the interaction between them
  • Validate developed OmniScript processes to ensure client expectation alignment
Topic 3
  • Design Integration Procedures and related DataRaptors
  • Explain the capabilities, use cases and purpose of using FlexCards
Topic 4
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of Integration Procedures and DataRaptors
  • Explain the basic structure of an OmniScript

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Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultant Sample Questions (Q56-Q61):

A company wants to create a new customer buying journey for their website. The buying journey should include the following functionality:
* Allow the user to enter contact and address information
* Require the user to enter age, gender, and optionally income bracket
* Compute a discount percentage per product based on the customer data provided
* Save the list of suggested products including discounts
Which three OmniStudio tools should the consultant use to design a solution that meets these requirements7 Choose 3 answers

  • A. Calculation Procedures and Matrices
  • B. FlexCard
  • C. OmniStudio Action
  • D. Integration Procedures
  • E. OmniScript

Answer: A,D,E

A company plans to use OmniScript to digitally transform Its business. During the discovery phase of the project the team reviews all of the business processes including the Individual steps of each process. As a result of analysis, it is clear that many processes need to update contact data at different points in the process.
What solution should the consultant recommend to efficiently meet these requirements?

  • A. Create an OmniScript to update contact data and invoke it when other OmniScripts complete.
  • B. Create an OmniScript that uses the reusable property to update contact data and embed it In other OmniScripts.
  • C. Create a FlexCard for contacts, and add an Update Contact Details OmniScript as an action.
  • D. Create an Integration Procedure to update contact data with "Chain On Step" enabled and invoke it from all OmniScripts.

Answer: B

A business has the following requirements:
* To display cases for an account
* The user should see all of the cases on the canvas
* The user should be able to create a new case from the canvas
The consultant decides to use states to enable this functionality.
Which type of state should the consultant recommend to allow users to create a new case from the canvas?

  • A. Active Card State
  • B. Edit Mode State
  • C. Blank Card State
  • D. New Card State

Answer: A

A company implements an integration procedure that is invoked from an OmniScript. The integration procedL includes a very long-running process that makes users impatient.
Which feature should the consultant recommend to Improve performance and address users' concerns?

  • A. Conditions
  • B. Chaining
  • C. Try Catch
  • D. Batch jobs

Answer: B

A company needs to create multiple guided processes on their public website. The processes need to be style using the corporate branding kit. The corporate branding kit Includes guidance on colors, fonts, and icons. In addition, the website that the process will be deployed to has a style guide that dictates the format for radio buttons, slide bars, and other user interface elements. The company wants both the corporate branding kit at the website's style guide to be globally implemented in these new processes.
Which three OmniStudio features and tools should the consultant recommend to meet these requirements?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. Newport Design System
  • B. OmnlOut
  • C. Custom Styles
  • D. FlexCards
  • E. OmniScript

Answer: A,C,E


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