Cash App is an online money transfer app that is used for the digital payment transaction. Cash App is a well-known payment gateway as it offers users a debit card also known as the Cash card. All the users on Cash App can order this card and get it without paying any charges. An activated Cash App card works like any other debit or credit card and it is linked to your cash app account.

Although it is free you may have to pay an additional fee for ATM withdrawals. So, you should not solely depend upon the Cash App card and also use some other alternative options if you do not want to pay any fee for ATM withdrawals.

If you are looking forward to getting a cash card then you can get it by ordering and you can expect it to receive within 2-5 working days. But in order to use it, you will have to activate the Cash App card so it important that you know how to activate a cash app card. Here we are explaining a complete process of Cash App card activation and how to activate a Cash card by using a QR code.


How do I activate my Cash App card in 2020?

  • Log in for your Cash App account
  • At the bottom of the screen select setting to get the option of Cash card
  • Here you need to select the option of “Activate Cash App Card”
  • Thereafter allow the mobile camera to scan the QR code (Quick Response)
  • Once you are done with QR code scanning you have successfully activated the cash card.


How to scan a QR code for Cash App card activation?

To scan a QR code for cash app card activation you will have to use the mobile camera. It is to be done by aligning the mobile camera with the QR code and keep scanning it unless it is not done successfully. There are many users who want to know how to activate a Cash App card without using a QR code. If you are facing such a situation there is no need to worry because you easily activate the cash card without a QR code.  For this, you need to use the CVV of the cash card.