At this early stage in the game's cycle, Ones to FIFA 23 Coins 
Watch items could be an important increase to a player's team.It is unjust that some players aren't being given the OTW items they are guaranteed to receive from pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition of the game.EA has since apologized for this Ones to Watch pre-order package error and has stated this via its FIFA Direct Communication official FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account:

We are expecting EA will address the affected players through redistributing Ones to Watch pre-order packs that were defective in the beginning, offering you the opportunity to obtain an OTW card.EA will likely allow affected users to keep the Gold items they got in the Ones to Watch pre-order packs.

Then, you could as well go and open Your Ones to Watch pack now and hope that you find the perfect bade gold item, safe in the knowledge that EA will offer you an OTW player pack for free. OTW player pack if the pack isn't working correctly.FIFA 23 is underway and with numerous options and games in Ultimate Team, it can be a challenge to decide what to do with your time, especially if you're brand new to it.

We've got you covered with this weekly analysis of all the Objectives and SBCs. We'll let that you know the things to keep an eye out for and where to avoid. If we can, we'll show how you can combine multiple goals to simplify your practice.Weekend League rewards will be available at 3am ET and 8am BST if you did not finish all of your games, with Erling Haaland Wissam Ben Yedder, and Rafael Leao the Red Picks you want to look for.

There's a reason for that. The Ones to Watch promo has been quickly replaced with Road to the Knockouts, offering a different set of live cards for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, and it is possible to stay informed of all updates by using our RTTK Tracker.

There was one free card available this week, and that was RTTK Robin Gosens appearing through objectives. He's a perfect fit for the 5-1-2-2 meta very well! requirements mean you can also join forces with OTW FUT 23 buy Coins Sergino Dest (if you are yet to add him to your group) They both require completion in Squad Battles or Rivals.