The Bengals discovered Taylor's skills too in the mut coins madden 23 same way. Much as it was shocking when McVay was hired by Los Angeles, it was an eye-opener to see Cincinnati choose an QB coach to be the head of their team. Cincinnati didn't want to be waiting, and knowing that they needed a new quarterback Taylor could create, stunned fans across the Madden NFL 23 world.

Now, in his third season with the Bengals, Zac Taylor is now playing in the Super Bowl, just as McVay had the chance to play in the big game in his second year. Two teams took leaps trust to place two of the best offensive minds on the team and there's no doubt that, without McVay throwing Taylor the lifeline, he's not in this situation -or maybe trying to establish his name as a college football player.

The Rams are currently in their second attempt at lifting the Lombardi Trophy under McVay. They're the old team aiming to demolish the young hopeful, just at the expense of the Patriots did to them in 2018. At the forefront of it both of them are extremely similar coaches that owe much to one another regardless of the outcome, both appear ready to rule their conferences for the next decade.Grade: B+

James Conner re-signs with Cardinals with a 3-year contract worth $21 million.Conner has become a vital component of the Cardinals offensive attack this season when Conner made his 2nd Pro Bowl, rushing for 15 touchdowns on the year. Conner was also among the best backs on the market who could have attracted a lot of attention, and I appreciate the worth Arizona gained from this.

When you look at Chase Edmonds, who went for $6.4M annually to the Dolphins Conner's $7 million is an absolute steal, even with performance escalators that might cause the contract to go higher. This is a great signing that will hopefully help make Kyler Murray happy. I love it all.

There's been some huge modifications in the Madden NFL 23 Draft in the last mock , which was made following the combine. Trades cheap madden nfl 23 coins throughout the league have totally altered the first round. Between quarterbacks swapping teams and WRs A.J. Adams, Davante Hill and Tyreek Hill being moved due to salaries, a number of team needs have turned on their heads.