So, you have devoured the year 2022 watching endless clips and doomscrolling? There is some good news for you... we're in the same boat  Roughly riff-raff spent whopping 4 hours per day on mobile devices. I kid you not, go and check your screen time.

Surprised? Have you ever wondered what keeps you glued to your phone? The groovy Mobile Marketing Trends… Yes! You read that right. The new approaches to digital marketing have turned the advertising world upside down. Rather than opting for old marketing tactics, brands have adapted the change to stay ahead in the game.

But, the smartphone revolution has prompted marketers to rethink and redesign their digital strategies. And as the year is drawing to a close, marketers are discovering new advertising strategies and mobile marketing services providers to keep their conversions high. Be assured, the 2022 trends that made you focus on the tiny little details of marketing will probably not work in 2023.

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